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How the guests can enjoy in the Grand Hyatt Regency Hotel in Mumbai?

Grand Hyatt Regency Hotel in Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the chief attractions of tourists and is the capital city of India. It is also known as the Business Capital of India as the main Stock Exchange office is situated here. The tourists visit this place during winters because the weather is pleasant. You can find many interesting places in Mumbai such as Nariman Point Fish Museum, Kamala Nehru Park, Mahalaxmi Temple, Gateway of India, Sea Link of Bandra Worli, Kanheri Caves, Taj Mahal Hotel, Juhu beach, etc. If you are visiting Mumbai as a tourist or as a businessman, you can seek accommodation in Hyatt Regency Mumbai in Santa Cruz. It is a premier hotel situated near the Sahara Airport Road. It is a home for tourists who want to live in a lavish way.

What the Guests Can Enjoy in The Hotel?

IN the hotel, the guests can enjoy world-class cuisine and various types of drinks in the bars and restaurants. They can also visit the spa centers and swimming pool to feel rejuvenated. The tourists can easily drive to Chatrapati Shiva Maharaja Airport.

The Rules of Hygiene and Safety in The Hotel

During this pandemic situation, the guests and members are following all the rules of sanitization, distancing, and quarantine. The rooms are disinfected using disinfectants and bleaches. They follow the rules of social distancing in the premises. Before the kitchenware and utensils are brought to the kitchen, they are applied with sanitizers. All the guests and members should compulsorily wear masks and hairnets. Also, pets are not allowed in the premises. Payment should be made by credit or debit cards only.

Different Types of Rooms in The Hotel

The different types of rooms in the hotel are Presidential suite, Clubroom, Premier Suite, Regency Executive Suite, Regency Suite King, etc.

Presidential Suite

The guests can enjoy different types of amenities in this room such as Wi-Fi, Minibar, In-room dining, heater, smoking room, mini-fridge, seating area, laundry services etc. It is the largest room measuring 819 sq ft.

Premier suite

In the Premier Suite, the guests can enjoy different types of facilities such as a smoking room, mini-fridge, laundry services, and can view the swimming pool. The total size of the room is 725 sq ft.

Regency Executive Suite

It is a very large room measuring 1200 sq ft and the guests can enjoy different types of facilities such as mini-fridge, Wi fi, electrical kettle, seating area, laundry services, etc.

About the Hotel Overview

The hotel is situated amidst the greeneries on a 10-acre of land. It is a large hotel with well-furnished rooms and several recreational facilities. The hotel is known for the outdoor pools namely palm trees and sun loungers. The guests can live comfortably in the well-furnished rooms for a few days and nights. The rooms are made of modern interiors and it contains en-suite rooms with free toiletries. In the restaurant, the guests can enjoy different types of cocktails and mocktails including local and international cuisine. They provide 24-hour concierge services to the guests.

You can visit different places if you are staying in this hotel because the hoteliers make travel arrangements to the guests and also make limousine arrangements.

It is a large 5-star hotel located just a few kilometers from the Mumbai airport.

The guests can enjoy a free Wi-fi internet facility and hence they can contact anybody in need or send messages to anyone through apps. They can also browse information from the internet when they are nautical miles away from their homes. They can visit the restaurant and enjoy different local and international cuisines.  For some days, they can lead a socially active life visiting the gym and participating in various sports activities such as badminton, volleyball, basketball, etc. They can enjoy the sauna to feel rejuvenated and fresh. A large hall is meant for the business people to conduct meetings or conferences. They are provided with newspapers in their rooms. The hotel also provides laundry services to the customers. The floors of the rooms are made of Malaysian teak wood and are soft-textured.

The hotel consists of 401 spacious rooms that are well-furnished with modern décor. At the poolside, they can enjoy the sight of the blue waters and the food that is served near the poolside, and the sight of the sundeck.

You can visit the fitness center and perform some rigorous workouts even when they are away from their homes. they can easily get accessed to the gym and also visit the whirlpool and the spa to feel rejuvenated.

The squash court is also well-equipped that is glass-backed and well air-conditioned. It is made of wooden floorings so the guests can play vigorous games on the court.

This hotel established in 2004 is owned by Juniper Hotel Private Limited. It is known for its stylish architecture and modern outlook. Every room consists of an air-conditioning facility to keep cool during summers. The guests can sleep comfortably in their sofa bed and use the blackout curtains to maintain privacy. They can enjoy the walk-in-shower facility in the bathroom attached to their room. they can watch various channels of flat-screen television in the room. If they are feeling tired and need relaxation then they can visit a coffee or tea machine. Some smoking rooms are also available for smokers.

If you want special care for your little one then you can avail of babysitting services also. if you want to travel to different places, then you can seek babysitting services for your babies. The rooms of the hotel are soundproof and hence you can live peacefully. The rooms are well-interconnected to each other with an intercom facility. In the room, you can avail yourself the facility of clothes rack and hence you can neatly arrange your clothes. If you are attending any conference or conducting any interactive session, then you can avail of laundry facilities also. Your clothes are neatly ironed and you can conduct meetings or conferences in the large conference hall.

You can seek for accommodation in Hyatt Regency Mumbai since it provides all facilities that the guests require for a comfortable stay for some days and nights.


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