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Getting a Worthy Gift for a Star Wars Faithful

Star Wars Faithful

Looking to get a die-hard fan of Star Wars a gift that they will appreciate? Well, you’re in luck. Star Wars may be the only franchise that consistently serves its fans with amazing blockbuster movies, animated shows, TV series, LEGO toys, and games. With the kind of popularity Star Wars has, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there is an almost incalculable amount of Star Wars Merchandise out there.

Unfortunately, the fathomless amount of Star Wars gadgets, props, and toys out there can make it quite difficult to separate useful gifts from junk. This is why in this article, we have curated a list of worthy gifts that any Star Wars faithful is sure to appreciate.

A Star Wars Drone

What Star Wars faithful doesn’t want to fly the coolest thing in the galaxy? There are several different types of Star Wars drones (each with its own unique features) available on the market. Just make sure to read reviews about each type before settling for the one you feel is right.

A Customised Lightsaber Replica

If the Star Wars fan you are getting a gift for is someone who loves cosplay or likes to go to comic-con, then getting them a customised replica of their favourite character’s lightsaber is a good idea. Padawan Outpost have a wide range if character lightsabers to choose from. Alternatively, you can pay for them to go craft their own unique lightsabers at a custom lightsaber workshop. In addition to being fun, it’s a way for them to add their own creative touch to the lightsaber design.

Lightsaber Chopsticks

Want your Star Wars fan to feel the force every time they eat sushi or ramen? Get them a set of lightsaber chopsticks. Just like an actual lightsaber, these chopsticks light up with the push of a button, so they can eat their meal with the greatest weapon in the galaxy.

You can find these chopsticks at any online retail shop that sell Star Wars merchandise. They are also available in a wide range of colours and should typically come with batteries.

The Complete Star Wars Encyclopaedia

This is a great addition to any Star Wars collection. The boxed set contains three volumes of detailed information about the Star Wars films and can be found in online stores like Amazon. It also contains details about Star Wars novels, comics, short stories and video games. This provides plenty of reading material for even the most die-hard fan of the franchise.

A Star Wars Themed Night Light

A night light can be a nice way to set the mood in any bedroom, and luckily there are different types of Star Wars-themed lamps and night lights available for both kids and adults alike. A good example is the commanding presence of a Darth Vader LED night light sets in any bedroom.

Star Wars Lego Set

Lego has an extensive collection of Star Wars-themed building kits for both kids and adults (there are even options for collectors). So regardless of what your recipient’s favourite Star Wars character, starship, or movie scene is, there is a lego set for it. Some of the popular choices amongst Star Wars enthusiasts are; a baby Yoda figure (for lovers of “The Mandalorian“), Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar, Luke Skywalker’s X-wing fighter, and various collectible models of Darth Vader’s helmet.


Buying a gift for a Star Wars faithful can be tricky as they most likely already have an impressive collection of Star Wars merch. However, this doesn’t mean that they won’t appreciate a nice addition to the collection they already have. Above are some of the worthy gifts that any true fan would appreciate.


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