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Gabriel Patterson on How to Increase Your Motivation to Exercise

Gabriel Patterson

Perhaps you’ve had the urge to exercise, but have not summoned adequate motivation to get moving. If you want to keep fit but are tempted to slouch on the couch, Gabriel Patterson, Winnipeg fitness trainer, shares how to boost your motivation to work out.

Ditch beliefs that limit you

Although you want to be healthy and fit, something is preventing you from taking action. To accomplish your goal, you must get that idea out of your head and get into the gym, or wherever you want to exercise.

It’s possible you’re held back by limiting beliefs about how capable you are of reaching your goal. Do you believe you are unable to be fit? This and other beliefs might sit at the back of your mind and stop you from feeling motivated to exercise.

Other negative beliefs include the notion that you don’t have the time or energy to stay in shape. Examine your negative thoughts about working out and challenge them. You’ll find most, if not all, are surmountable.

Improve confidence

One possible limiting belief concerns confidence, or lack thereof. You may think you’re too overweight or unfit to be seen exercising, or you might be afraid to wear workout clothing. On the other hand, reduced self-esteem might lead you to imagine you haven’t got the willpower to continue exercising long-term, so what’s the point in trying?

To increase self-belief, use visualization. Picture yourself meeting your fitness goals. See yourself as someone fit and healthy and use your imagination to explore how great you’ll feel when your dream comes true.

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Make your visualization as lifelike as you can. Imagine you can smell the gym where you see yourself working out or imagine the cool air outdoors where you go to jog. Feel the sunshine on your skin; if you imagine you’ll exercise outdoors, include sounds like birds chirping and the wind rustling leaves in the trees.

Create a routine you love

If you love certain aspects of your routine, you’ll want to carry it out more often. Make sure you choose a form of exercise you find satisfying and fun.

For example, you might hate using weight training equipment but love bouncing on a trampoline. Or, you may prefer running in the countryside as opposed to on a track. Perhaps you’ll find more enthusiasm if you exercise in a group? Or do you love working out alone?

“When you begin, don’t venture too far from your comfort zone,” warns Gabriel Patterson. Running five miles when you aren’t used to exercising will leave you aching and unhappy. At first, jog around the block; then you can happily expand the time and distance of your runs when you’re ready.

Your beliefs and level of confidence impact your enthusiasm to exercise. Select a workout you enjoy, take small steps initially, and examine ideas about your abilities that stop you from moving ahead. Your self-esteem and motivation will soon grow.



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