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Full Guide: How to Study in New Zealand?

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New Zealand becomes a popular destination for studying abroad in recent years, which makes the problem that how to study in New Zealand a hot topic in these years. Luckily, this is not a difficult task and you can easily achieve your goal as long as you follow the right tutorial. Then, what is a right tutorial? This is! Just follow the steps below then you can study in New Zealand as you wish.

Step 1. Know about the Necessary Things

Perhaps you have dreamt to study in New Zealand for a long time or maybe it is your sudden decision. But no matter how you made the decision, you have to prepare for the study once making the decision. Normally, the first step to study in New Zealand is to know about some necessary things, including:

  • How much does it cost to live in New Zealand?
  • How to go to study in New Zealand?
  • Will I be able to work on my own?
  • What can I study? Where and how much does it cost?
  • Are New Zealanders’ words easy to understand?
  • Are there really such incredible landscapes that I see in photos?

Answering all these questions and many more is a basic need for you to make your decision. You can find the answers by searching, asking and comparing.

Step 2. Decide What to Study and Shape Your Experience

Ok! After knowing the basic information of New Zealand and making sure that it is the right place to study abroad, you should continue and begin the second step: decide what you want to study and shape your experience.

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Now you must decide what you want to study, such as what school, how long and how much it will cost, when you want to go and how you can combine the study with work. 

To answer all these questions, you should first ask yourself what you are really interested in then collect more information based on your need. You can search for information on Internet, ask experienced agents or friends for help, use course search tool like CatEight, etc.

After choosing the course that you want to study and knowing its requirements, you should then shape your experience to make yourself qualified for the course.

Step 3. Prepare the Application Form & Apply for the Chosen Course

There are always a lot of boring parts in the preparation for studying abroad, such as course application, but sorry mate, you cannot escape from this and it’s super important. This would be a long and troublesome process since you not only need to fill in application form but also prepare other documents as required.

To ensure the success of the application, you’d better apply for the course through agent or a professional online enrollment system – CatEight.

CatEight is a professional course search and application platform. With its help, you can search for courses, view course details as well as apply for the chosen course.

In other words, you can complete the whole course application process through it without hassles. Hence, if you want to apply for a course in New Zealand but do not know how to do, you can ask CatEight for help.

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Step 4. Obtain Your Student Visa

With the registration of your formalized course, you can now apply for your student visa. It costs about 270 New Zealand dollars and will allow you to be in New Zealand for the entire duration of your course and the holidays you receive after school, which enables you to travel around the country. With the student visa you can work 20 hours a week and full time on vacation. 

Step 5. Book Plane Ticket and Pack Up Suitcases

Do you already feel the breeze of the Pacific Ocean? With your registration and your visa, you can now buy the flight ticket to New Zealand and start deciding what you take and what you leave.

Step 6. Say Goodbye to Your Family, Say Hello to New Zealand

I know, this is where you’re going to cry. Say goodbye to your parents, your dog, your cat, your friends, that person you love so much but can’t put in the suitcase. Just do everything you need, such as crying, hugging, to close this stage and leave .

Step 7. Begin Your New Life

It is time to land physically and mentally, locate yourself in your new city. To smoothly study in New Zealand, you need to find accommodation, start classes, find work, open the bank account, have a New Zealand phone number to be able to communicate and send photos via WhatsApp to all those groups of friends and family and save all new contacts, etc. 


This is the full guide about how to study in New Zealand. As you can see, you can simply achieve your goal as long as you have the right tool and follow the right guide. Above is the right tutorial but what is the right tool? CatEight is the right tool that can help you find the right course and apply for the chosen course and student visa for New Zealand. With it, you can successfully apply for a course and study in New Zealand more smoothly.

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