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4 Significant Reasons Why You Should Focus On Weight Management

Obesity has become a real issue worldwide, and no country is worse hit than the United States, because it is mostly attributed to the modern lifestyle propagated by Americans. Today, we have all the reasons to follow tips to stay fit and boost our immunity so that we can battle through the deadly COVID 19 pandemic.

Moreover, the consequences of obesity are so horrifying that they can give the conscious ones among us enough motivation to strive for fitness. Therefore, we have discussed here four significant reasons why you should focus on your weight management.

Overweight Increases the Pressure on Your Legs:

It is okay to feel the weight on your legs once you are old enough because it is all-natural, but obese people are catapulted into this scenario prematurely. Obese people start to feel increased pressure on their legs, leading to the wear and tear of their knee and ankle joints.

It can create a condition called varicose veins, which are inflamed veins that start to appear on legs due to excessive weight on the legs. They can be treated by sclerotherapy procedure, but having them in the first place points towards an alarming situation.

On a more serious note, osteoarthritis also has a strong causal relationship with obesity. It is understandable given the fact that obesity puts pressure on joints, and osteoarthritis is a painful joint condition in which protective tissues around the bones of joints get worn out and limit the patient’s mobility. Therefore, if you do not wish to bear this painful condition, maintain your weight management regime properly.

Obese people are more prone to conditions like cardiovascular diseases and diabetes:

Excessive weight on your body means increased build-up of plaque inside your arteries, which reduces the flow area of the blood. As a result, the heart muscle has to put in more effort to pump the blood throughout the body, which weakens the heart over time. This weakening of heart, with high cholesterol levels, and hypertension are a perfect recipe for conditions like cardiac arrests and strokes.

Type-2 diabetes is a condition in which your body cannot regulate the amount of sugar in your blood. Obesity is often termed as the leading cause of type-2 diabetes because the risk factors for diabetes are high cholesterol and obesity. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that around 90 percent of people with type-2 diabetes are overweight. Obesity is also linked to other diseases like cancer, and you must have all of this information enough of an incentive to start thinking about managing your weight properly.

Anorexic people are also equally prone to various medical conditions:

Weight management does not only deal with obesity as it is much more holistic and revolves around eating the right type of food in the right amounts such that a healthy weight can be obtained. There are two spectrums of weight management: obesity, which we discussed, and the other one is anorexia.

Anorexia is a condition followed by a severe restriction of calories. As a result, the body starts burning the stored fat, and the patient keeps on losing weight to the extent of getting malnourished. Anorexic people are prone to suffer many health conditions like cardiovascular disease, hormonal imbalances, fertility issues, and mental health problems.

Therefore, you must opt for a healthy weight management regime, which will ensure that all the required nutrients are entering your body.

Weight management boosts confidence:

When you are following the right diet and fitness regimen to manage your weight, your confidence is automatically boosted. Your body starts to feel lighter, and you feel confident to do all the activities you could not once do because of your extra weight or the absence thereof.

Therefore, you must manage your weight properly to keep all of these physical and mental health conditions mentioned above. 

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