Fall Fashion Trends you need to keep up with

Fall is a beautiful time of the year. It’s a season of holidays and hot chocolates and warm clothing. It is a time when the hustle of the city slowly winds down, and you can curl up in front of the fireplace with warm blankets. The only people who despise winters are those who love to wear Spring-Summer clothing.

Winter fashion is considered dull and boring because of the need for layering of clothes and the dark colors. But Winter fashion can be equally exciting. Think blazers, tweed jackets, leather pants and trench coats with leather boots. Fall fashion is all about finding the right fabric and the right outfit to go with.

Winter Essential Fabrics

Winter Clothing is more complex than summer clothing. The trick to getting winter fashion right is in understanding the fabric that suits you and picking out garments made out of them. Winter clothing can be made of Corduroy, Wool, Tweed, Denim or fleece. Or you could also opt for more chic fabrics such as Leather, Fur/faux fur, Velour or Velvet.

Cotton can be used in layered form to make jackets for those users who are allergic to wool and flannel. Even though cotton is best suited for the summer because of its breathable nature, when manufactured in thick layers it can provide insulation to the wearer from cold.

Cashmere is another great luxury option. Cashmere is a goat hide that is generally from the mountain side. Cashmere is extremely soft and is expensive due to its limited availability. Cashmere is generally used in scarfs, sweaters and coats.

Winter must haves for your wardrobe

If you’re someone from the colder regions, a complete wardrobe dedicated just to winter is a necessity. In countries like the USA, Canada, UK, Russia and most of Northern Europe, the weather remains chilly most of the year. Children need to be well dressed and covered so as to protect from the harsh morning weather. Those who go to work need to layer themselves before stepping out. Therefore, here’s a list of winter essentials for you to prepare for the fall:

  1. Sweaters

Sweaters are the basic must have for winter. Sweaters can be worn over simple casual tops and come in both formal and informal styles. Formal sweaters can be worn inside your jackets before you head outside and can come in many types of fabrics such as wool, cashmere, cotton etc. Opt for sweater vests for formal wears and v-necks or turtle necks for informal wears.

  1. Jackets

A winter staple, jackets can pull together your winter attire from basic to chic. Jackets are easy to throw on and need minimal maintenance. They come in almost all colors to complement your outfit for the day. Popular winter jacket fabrics are Denim, Tweed, Leather, Corduroy etc. Opt for a Tweed jacket for a formal appearance and a denim or leather jacket for a more casual informal outing.

  1. Coats

A Coat is another great addition as well as a must have for your fall fashion. Coats are to winter as shorts are to summer. Trench coats, Long Tweed Jacket Coats, Cashmere coats, Fur coats are some examples for the most popular coats in winters. Wool, Mohair, Gabardine, Cashmere, Fur are some basic fabric types for coats. Coats can be worn over your outfit when stepping out in strong winds, snow, cold or slight rains. Coats are made of heavy material that can protect you from extreme temperatures as well as water resistant. They are the most preferred overall wear because of its ease of usage. Opt for a gabardine trench coat for informal, casual attire and fur coats for a luxe party wear.

  1. Winter Boots

Boots or heavy duty winter shoes are essential for stepping out in cold snowy weathers. Choose a pair of leather boots or a nylon boots with rubber lower shell to protect your feet from the elements. Some fancier options include fur on the upper area of the boots which can look quite appealing for a winter fashion look.

  1. Scarfs and gloves

Most coats and sweaters leave the neck open to the cold winter air. Scarfs are a great accessory to provide warmth as well as stay in style. Scarfs can be made of cotton, viscose and wool. Cashmere is a plush option to up your fall fashion game. Gloves keep your hands and fingers warm and can range from  suede, leather to cashmere fabrics.

Fall fashion is a tricky game but this guide is sure to get you through winter looking fabulous and stunning.


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