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Factors To Look While Buying Curling Iron For Beach Waves

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No doubt that beach waves is one of the most prestigious and admired hairstyles on account of its natural and stylish look both at the same time. As this hairstyle is not an ordinary hairstyle, likewise it needs more than ordinary curling iron for you to achieve this hairstyle. There are tons of curling irons available in the market and not every curling iron is adept at giving beach waves.

If you are searching for the features that are necessary for curling iron to accomplish beach waves, then you have come to the right place. This article thoroughly tells about all those features which will give you astonishing beach waves you have always wondered of.

There are a lot of things which play quite crucial role in making your hairs look great. If the material of the curler is not suitable for your hair, then you will have to check the material which would be in direct contact with your hair.

Moreover, there is a trick for curling. You must know how to twist your hair and how much hair you should take for a single turn. Lastly, the heat and temperature management is also quite significant. So, when you are buying A curler, make sure that there are multiple temperature ranges. You can be an expert hair stylist now a days as you can learn through tutorials, if you are familiar with all these qualities of a good hair curler.

Necessary Features To Look Before The Shopping:

Barrel Width:

The feature that matters the most is the width of the barrel; barrel defines the tightness of the curls. Having beach waves mean that you won’t lose curls that look natural. If the width of the barrel is less than 2 inches then you won’t be able to get loose curls, rather your curls will be more defined, neat and tight. For beach waves, you need to make sure that your curling has width 2 inch at least.

Single Or Multiple Barrels:

Single barrel curling irons are intended for defined and tight curls. You can wrap your hair around the single barrel while it is not the case with a double and triple barrel curling iron, you can’t wrap your hair around multiple barrels rather your hair rests among those multiple barrels with little inclination which gives you beach waves style.

However, it is not absolutely necessary to have multiple barrel curling iron for beach waves. You can loosely wrap your hair around the single bulky barrel if your curling iron.

Barrel Material:

There are usually two types of material i.e. ceramic and titanium used in barrel construction of curling and flat iron.

Ceramic material gives evenly divided heat content for natural and uniform hairstyle, while titanium, owing to its high heat penetration, gives more defined and tight curls. For beach waves, it is recommended to use a ceramic barrel hair curler. However, titanium curling irons can also be used at low heat settings to achieve beach waves.

Heat Settings:

This feature is not only necessary in curling iron for beach waves but any curling iron. Every hair type requires a different amount of heat. For some hair types like fine hair, high heat is damaging while other hair types like coarse hair require high temperature to be styled and low heat is not enough. So, your curling iron must have variable heat temperature to cater to the need of any hair type it comes across.

Dual Voltage:

This feature makes any curling iron to be used universally, so it should be preferred while buying curling iron to choose the one which operates on both 220 and 110 voltage level.


So, we have discussed in the detail about the factors to look before choosing the best curling iron for beachy waves. To achieve the perfect beach waves you have always wanted, it is necessary that you buy the curling iron which has been specially designed for this purpose. Ordinary curling might be able to give you beach wave but that won’t be perfect. This article informs you about the five necessary features that your curling iron must have and the reason behind their requirement.

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