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Face Masks You Must Try For Healthy Skin

Your skin goes through so much every day, pollution and dirt from everyday make you skin miserable and dead. From putting on makeup every single day to never giving proper attention, your skin too sometimes gets tired. After all these hectic days, not only you but your skin too gets tired. You can find more information about it at https://rojank.com.au/.

A layer of dead skin cells is formed after being in dust and the cities pollution all day. You do not have to invest in expensive skincare products to take care of your skin but can make DIY masks from simple products that can even be found in your kitchen. Facemasks help a lot to brighten your skin and leave a fresh glow on your face. The following are some masks that help with every skin type from oily to dry and make your skin clear and glowing.


These two ingredients can be found in every kitchen or else are easily available in almost every store. Strawberries are very rich in Vitamin C that helps with nourishing and revitalizing your skin. Strawberry is also great for oily skin as it removes excess oil and sebum from your skin. Honey is amazing for your skin as it has antibacterial properties and is great for acne treatment. Honey slows the process of aging and is very moisturizing your skin. Both the ingredients help your skin to be clearer and leaves a beautiful glow.

You just need to mash around 7-10 strawberries and mix honey with it. You can blend it in a blender if using a fork is hard for you. Apply this mask on your skin for 15-20 minutes and rinse it with water. This mask with help with skin rejuvenation and will leave a healthy-looking glow on your face.


Aloe Vera works wonder for every type of skin. It can be used by itself and makes your skin look wonderful. Aloe vera contains antioxidants and enzymes. It helps treat acne, milia, and burns and also with dry skin while leaving skin moisturized and hydrated. It also contains Vitamin A and C which is amazing for oily skin but excessive use can dry out your skin. Turmeric is also a great with evening out your skin tone and texture.

Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce dark circles and reduces stretch marks and smoothen your skin and beautiful glow. All you need to do for this mask is to mix a tablespoon of aloe vera gel with a pinch of organic turmeric and two tablespoons of milk cream. Form a paste and apply this to your face and neck, leave it for 15-20 minutes and wash it off with warm water.

Milk cream helps you get radiant skin and helps to remove dark spots and makes skin a lot softer. It also prevents premature aging and makes the skin lighter and also helps with skin irritation. All these ingredients combine to give you brighter and dewy skin.


Tomatoes are great for large visible pores, helps treat acne, soothe sunburn and revive dull and dead skin. They contain antioxidants that fight cellular damage and skin inflammation. Tomatoes also help get rid of skin texture and leave a smooth glow. Buttermilk is great for the skin and is loaded with milk proteins and lactic acid. It also helps to rejuvenate dead skin cells and brighten skin tone while giving you a smooth texture and gets rids of texture.

To make this mask just take a tomato and cut it and squeeze out fresh juice, then take two tablespoons of tomato juice and mix three tablespoons of buttermilk and apply this mixture to your face and neck with a cotton ball. Rinse it off in around 20 minutes. This masks help with skin texture and leaves a glow on your face.


An egg can be used to improve skin texture and to make the skin smoother. The egg yolk is very rich in fatty acids which helps provide moisture to the skin. The egg helps tighten pores and remove excess oil. Almost oil reduces puffiness and under-eye circles. Almond oil also improves complexion, treats dry skin and improves skin texture. It also helps with acne and reduces the appearance of stretch marks. For this mask, beat an egg and add a few drops of almond oil. Apply this mask to your face and wash it off with warm water in about 20 minutes. It will leave you with smooth skin and a radiant glow.


Turmeric can help fight acne and reduces dark circles. It can also protect your skin against sun damage and soothe dry skin. Baking soda is a very good exfoliator and helps with the shrinking size of pores. Baking soda has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which help with the reoccurrence of acne and pimples.

Rosewater can help reduce the redness of irritated skin and helps get rid of acne. Rosewater also hydrates and moisturizes the skin and give a new fresh look. This mask will also aid in healing scars, wounds, and cuts. For this mask, mix two teaspoons turmeric powder with one teaspoon of baking powder and add rose water and mix until you get a smooth paste. Apply this mask for 5 minutes. Massage the mask into your skin and wash it off that will help you get rid of dead skin cells and leaves a fresh skin.


Gram flour helps treat acne and is great for getting rid of texture. It also helps remove tan and can offer instant fairness. Gram flour also helps you even your skin tone and leave a natural glow to your face. Lemon juice provides a dose of free-radical fighting antioxidants and vitamin C that keeps your skin even-toned and also helps in boosting the body’s immune system. Milk, on the other hand, helps hydrate dry skin and exfoliates mature skin.

Milk soothes irritated skin and lightens dark skin. For this mask, mix two tablespoons of the gram flour and one teaspoon of lemon. Add milk to the thick paste. Apply the paste to your face for 15 minutes and rinse it off with cold water. This mask leaves you with a glossy and glowing face.


This is the easiest mask of all and requires only a banana. Banana is rich in potassium and moisture. Banana helps hydrate and moisturizes dry skin making it soft and supple. It treats acne and lightens dark spots. A banana helps your skin hydrate and glow. For this mask, take a banana and mash it into a smooth paste and then gently apply it to your face and neck. Let the paste sit for around 10-20 minutes. Rinse it off with cold water.


All these face masks have amazing effects and leave you with a radiant glow and a smoother skin. These masks refine skin pores and help get clearer skin and give more refined pores. Face masks help you get firmer skin and gives you even skin tone and lighten complexion. They also help diminish fine lines, aging spots, and wrinkles. However, they help bring moisture and hydration to dry and dehydrated skin.


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