Review of honor magic book x15: Better choice for office

Today, computers or laptops are being updated faster than people can imagine. People not only want better performance from their computers, but they also want a more elegant look. People in different industries have different requirements for computers. Gamers, for example, want a high-powered computer for their better gaming experience, while office workers want a lighter, smaller computer with all the features they need for office work. For a laptop, it becomes pivotal to provide speed, storage, security, the fastest possible connectivity, and the durability of a higher grade. Certainly, that is possible in one gear! Although office laptops are pretty much sleek and sober, this honor magic book x15 is beyond expectations.

The product we’re going to review today is primarily aimed at those looking for an office computer. Check out this review of honor magic book x15 which may surprise you.

Specific innovative features of honor magic book x15

Let’s evaluate this computer from several dimensions:

Design & Screen

This laptop has an all-metal body, which is very in line with the aesthetics of young people. You get absolute durability and great product performance for mobility as well. Now it is available in gray and silver, and here we used the silver version for our review. It weighs only 1.56 kg and 16.9mm at the thickest point. As shown in the data, It has a 15.6-inch full-view display screen and the aspect ratio reaches 16:9, while clearly showing every detail of the picture, it can also restore the color realistically, making the picture more vivid. Among them, the anti-glare design allows users to see the screen information clearly under strong light, which is very practical. In addition, 1920 x 1080 high resolution with new eye protection technology can effectively relieve eye fatigue and make it more suitable for long-term office work. Plus the crystal clarity is suitable for both streaming and typing documents.


The Honor MagicBook X15 is equipped with a 10th-generation Intel Core i5-10210U processor with a maximum turbo frequency of 4.2 GHz and an integrated Intel HD Graphics graphics card, which can easily handle multitasking while running large software such as AI, PS, PR. If your work tasks are not very complex, it is also available in the i3 processor version for you. And it allows users to choose what they want between 8GB or 16GB Dual-Channel RAM and between 256GB or 512GB storage. That means stutter-free video conferencing and unlimited TV series downloads. Besides, the design of the fan is also an innovative one. The fan adopts a shark fin high-density and thin fan blade design, which brings more air volume and stronger fan performance. 

Battery Life

The rated capacity of the battery is 42wh, which is a conventional capacity of common office computers in the market. The laptop is matched with a 65W portable charger, which can charge the Honor Magic Book x15 by about 70% in just 60 minutes. And the detachable dual-head USB-C is both a charging cable and a data cable. It is very convenient to transmit data, which is also a very good point in my opinion.


The security system of MagicBook has been designed with a professional approach in mind. Its responsiveness and the ultra-ace output guarantee the reliability of your important files, documents, and more.

Different from the traditional button boot, Honor MagicBook X15 combines fingerprint recognition and power key into one, just like our mobiles. With one click, you can boot up and go directly to the system desktop. It even has a hidden camera to record any suspicious actions for you which is no less than a bonus that you get only with this laptop.

Multi-screen Collaboration

And another uncommon thing is that it just needs a simple operation to pair your honor smartphone with your laptop and make your work easier, which means there’s no need to switch equipment during working.


In terms of interfaces, it has many interfaces for different purposes, which can meet various needs. And the built-in independent security chip ensures a more convenient and safer environment while using, such as USB-C, USB3.0 Gen1, USB2.0, HDMI, 3.5mm headphone and microphone two-in-one interface is readily available.


After use, we could have a fuller understanding of x15 specs. It’s not hard to see that it has more powerful features and a more elegant look compared to other office computers. It has also broken new ground in many ways, such as the design of low blue eye light and an S-shaped fan. It is safe to say that it is the best computer for office workers today. It is suitable for pure office, surfing the Internet, studying, writing papers, and chasing series. For friends with a budget of about $500-$600, it is worth your attention.


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