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Everything You Need To Know About Dekton Worktop

Summary: A Dekton wortktop is the current trend. Dekton, manufactured by Consentino, is a sophisticated blend of raw-materials that is less expensive than quartz. The material is stain resistant, UV-resistant and easy to maintain. Unlike quartz, Dekton can be confidently used in outdoor kitchen spaces.

The Spanish, family-owned company, Consentino, first developed Dekton countertops. It is a sophisticated, long-term product that can be installed into a single piece. There is no requirement for any joints, cuts or limits, thus making it look absolutely sophisticated and stunning in any kitchen space. The reason for the popularity of a Dekton Worktop is that this man-made stone reflects the metamorphic change of any natural stone that it undergoes when under extreme pressure and high temperature.


Important things to know about Dekton

1. The ceramic-consistency and density of dekton worktop make it highly scratch and stain resistant. Even the most notorious stains like rust, coffee and wine can be quickly removed from a Dekton surface with ease. Since it has ceramic characteristics, you can be assured that no household chemicals, such as drain cleaners, oven degreasers and bleach can cause harm to it.

2. Unlike quartz that is not suitable for outdoor use, Dekton is perfect for barbeque and cladding worktops. Without worries, you can install Dekton in outdoor spaces under extreme weather conditions, both in extreme heat and cold. This means you get to enjoy outdoor events, parties and meals with family and friends just like you would enjoy in any indoor space that has both the aesthetics and functionality of a sophisticated worktop.

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3. The raw materials used for blending this sophisticated material make it quite appropriate for all cooking styles. Owing to its versatile characteristics, this design worktop complements indoors and outdoors styles while maintaining the quality for its maintenance. Place any hot pan on the surface without any fear of charring or cracking.

4. The best aspect of dekton worktop colours  are to provide unique applied texture that ranges from natural ones and matte to extra-polished and bright hues. For instance, the ultra-texture material offers an inspirational look in its slate, marble or wood quality. The ultra-matte finish, on the other hand, evokes elegance and softness. The Xgloss finish has water-repellent and high gloss properties.

5. The Dekton worktops prices range from $58 to $96 per square foot installed. The good news is that although the price seems a bit alarming, it is significantly less expensive than quartzite, quartz, concrete, granite and marble. Rest assured the uninstalled prices of concrete, granite, quartz, etc., are more than the cost of an installed Dekton surface. Although Dekton is a lot cheaper than most other countertop material, it is expensive than concrete and laminate.

Besides, another plus is Dekton does not require sealing or periodic resealing like granite or marble which too adds to the cost. Consider buying from the Dekton UK market that has several wholesalers from who can buy at a cheaper rate.

6. Another biggest plus point is Dekton is available for siding, flooring and even building facades. Only professional instalment of the material comes with a long-term warranty period.

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In an overall perspective, Dekton has many advantages over most other countertops materials available. It is UV-proof, stain-proof, non-vulnerable to heat, cheaper than quartz and so on. Considering the many beneficial characteristics, buy Dekton if you are contemplating to forge a new kitchen look.

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