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Essential Makeup Tips for Oily Skin in Summer

Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

“Yeah, Orange, Meltwoman, Wax Freak, and God knows what not I had to listen my entire life!” says 34 years old Maria Sontavo, a fashion agent for tele novelas, “I won’t say it did not feel right. Sometimes, I found it extremely glamorous but then that summer sun, and I melting like a lit candle wax.”

Yes, we all know the pains and gains of having an oily skin. Although a oily skin is sign of your good inner health, but sometimes it can annoy the hell out of you. An oily skin is generally caused by seborrhea condition, which excess skin oil is produced within the skin pores.

Sometimes environment, hereditary problems and hormones can contribute to the oiliness of your skin but it can be reduced to an extent. It can be reduced with natural remedies and chemical remedies as well, although natural remedy is better than chemical one. Here are some awesome makeup tips which will prove beneficial to your oily skin:

  • Drink Water

Now you will be thinking what does sweat have to do with oiliness? Yes it does matter! Drinking more water will help you in the detoxification of your skin.

For that you need to eat leafy vegetable so that enough nutrients go into your body and drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water each day to help your skin get rid of internal dirt and the excess oil and dirt in your large skin pores.

  • Wash Your Face With Water

Although you can use face wash sometimes but water is sufficient most of the time. Wash your face at least 5 times a day or more. Because pollution that sits on your face causes acne.

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Now, if you wash your face more often, then the excess dirt and pollution would wash away, bringing your true beauty out. Keep a cleanser with you if possible. It not only brings out the dirt in your face but it is also a simple makeup tips to keep your skin hydrated and clear.

  • Scrubbing is Must

Summers are very hot and if you live in a humid place then it is very easy for you to catch up oil and pollution. However, if you scrub your face once everyday, then that oil and pollution could wash away.

Oil built in your face can cause breakouts and cause other skin damage. Therefore, keep a mild face scrub with you for everyday scrubbing.

  • Spray Toner on Your Face

Basically what happens is, when you scrub your face, the minute particles swipe of the dead clean cells, hence your skin pores open up. Toner is one of the greatest makeup tips to tighten the pores. The liquid contains the essentials of many herbs and chemicals, so that you skin is protected from outer dirt and oil.

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Always choose a toner which suits your skin type. Always go for the one ingredient in the toner which suits you best, and avoid those which create a skin eruption.

  • Apply Moisturizer

Well this one is not mandatory for the oily skin ones but it has to do something with the skin’s PH balance. Often pollution and environment play with your skin hormones which can also alter the PH balance off your skin.

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Therefore after scrubbing and toning, it is mandatory that you moisturize your skin so that your skin hormones can level the PH balance in your skin.

  • Do Natual Bleach

Chemical bleach is not always good for the skin but you can always try natural bleach. Yes! Did you know that Tomato and Potato are very good with antioxidants and prove to be a good applicant for bleach.

Slice a bit of potato and and then apply its juice on your face. You can also mix its juice with clay mask for longer effects. Tomato is also good as bleach and you can keep them for a long time as they take time absorb into your skin.

  • Give Masks a Try

Charcoal masks and clay masks are very effective. You can try them once every week to revive your skin from sun damage and pollution damage.  A very useful clay mask will be to mix clay with cucumber extracts, lemon extracts and rose turmeric for skin detoxification and brightening. Whereas charcoal mask would wear off all the dirt and damage from the outer surface of your skin.  Do them every week, without fail and make a routine out of it. Beautiful results are on your way!

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