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Ergonomic Book Shelf Designs and How to Choose Them

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For those who love books, there will be a never ending love for paper and print however fast the digital era moves. No tablet or e- book will be able to replace the pleasure of a storybook that is in hand. Every bookworm will try to find a place for a library at home. An ergonomic book shelf will allow the individual to create a library and read with ease. It is always a pleasure to read when the racks are better organised and it is easy to access one’s favourite reading material.

Few lovely designs are shared below.

  Tree bookcase: Children are growing up within a concrete jungle and a spirit of nature can be added to the child’s room with a beautiful green tree shaped bookcase. This can store a large number of books. If there are two children in the house, the elder child can keep his books on the top while the small kid’s play books can be kept in the lower branch.

   Tabletop bookshelves: This is a lovely design of an ergonomic book shelf. The book spines are on the top and can be easily seen. Absolutely perfect for students who can choose the book they want to read and pluck it out with ease. In case you want a teenager to read, opt for this bookshelf and you will never get to hear the excuse that – I did not find the book. 

   Wooden book rack:  This book rack is custom made and is a hanging book rack. Here again one can get to see the book spines as the books are hanging. This is very easy for the hand and eye as the books can be pulled out to read anytime. 

  Multi functional book shelf:  The book shelf on the wall just above the head has an attached light to it for easy reading. The head and neck movements do not get strained and its good for the eyes as well. Also some of these are so hi- tech that when one pulls the book from the shelf, the sensor turns the light on automatically. The book when put back, the light is turned off by itself.

 Staircase book shelf:  As one goes up this staircase, on the sides are racks to store books. This makes it very easy for the reader to access the books. Instead of trying to reach over to one’s favorite book by getting up on a ladder, the staircase book case makes it very convenient to just go up the steps and keep picking one’s favorite read in the process. 

There are many unique book shelf designs as well as designs of study table online to go with it that the interior designers are churning out these days. While space is a constraint in modern homes and a room full of books made separately as a library is ruled out. The increasing pace in which digitization has eaten our libraries and serious health challenges that the modern generation faces owing to lack of exercise makes it more imperative for us to design our mini libraries with strong ergonomics.

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