Home Fashion How do you choose an engagement ring?

How do you choose an engagement ring?

How do you choose an engagement ring

The choice of engagement ring is a real headache. Sapphire or diamond, in platinum or white gold, rhodium or palladium … The technical terms are many and quite difficult to see clearly. But now, this ring is more than just a gem! It symbolizes a big leap, commitment (don’t panic) and great love.

To note, most women have been waiting for this moment for years. Don’t miss the ring he dreamed of.

How do you choose an engagement ring?

Segal ring with black diamonds entering the technical section, we will talk about engagement ring symbolism. While some agree that engagement rings are from prehistoric rites and Egypt, the official existence of the ring reminds us of ancient Rome and Greece.

In the Middle Ages, valuable materials, including silver and bronze, gradually replaced a very simple iron ring. It wasn’t until the 15th century to see the appearance of precious stones and diamonds adorning the rings that more and more worked. Diamond, which is intended for nobility, is a guarantee of harmony between couples after marriage. There are many choices of diamonds seeing photo of black diamond rings can help you find the best.

So much for the story, let’s go back to the heart of the matter!

Which stone should be chosen?

ring with black diamonds A symbol of purity and immortality, diamonds are traditionally the most chosen gemstone for engagement rings. But if you want to get off the beaten track, know that it is very possible to offer beautiful sapphire rings, emeralds or even rubies. In my opinion the diamond offers the advantage of going with everything, clothing and other jewelry. Colored stone for that is a more authentic choice. Actually there are no rules, I suggest you to investigate the tastes of your future wife.

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Diamond quality and value are defined using 4 criteria, 4C (Cut, Carat, Clarity, Color), diamond size, weight, purity and color of diamond. The four criteria are also in the certificate that accompanies your future ring or just outside 0.4 carats.
Diamond weight is expressed in carats (cts) while the color and purity are illustrated by letters. The color is represented from D to the most colorless to Z. The more diamonds are colorless, the higher the price.

Regarding the purity of diamonds, measured in terms of inclusion: the less they have, the more diamonds are pure. Purity was assessed from IF without inclusion which was seen in a magnifying glass that was enlarged 10 times in I with many inclusions that were very easily visible to the naked eye. Of course it is understood that the less inclusion, the higher the price of diamonds. You have to play between size, color, and purity when buying your ring.


It arouses loyalty and even sees wealth for some people; Sapphire is the most commercial gemstone in the world (all gems are combined). Sapphire engagement rings have increased in recent years. It was again popular with Kate Middleton’s engagement and Prince William, who had offered him an elegant 18-carat Burmese sapphire mounted on a brilliant 14-pinned ring. The price varies according to the color. The brighter the blue, the more sapphire and expensive.

The emerald

Symbol of fertility and hope, emerald is appreciated for its shimmering green color. Emerald is the most fragile of precious stones, which is why they are often rectangular or octagonal on rings, in order to resist shocks.

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Synonymous with happiness and passion, the ruby has historically been associated with power. Ruby is one of the rarest precious stones and therefore one of the most expensive.Again, there are no standard rules. Choose a ring that meets the tastes of your future wife.


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