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Why is Employee Training Important for Development in HR Management?

In a survey done by a consulting firm named Ryggrad Consulting about 38% of HR professionals believe that one of major staffing concerns that they face is training and developing employees – new and existing.

While it is one of the major concerns, it is also one of the important factor that helps in not only retaining the top talent but also attracting the top talent available in the market. In short here are few reasons why employee learning and development is important part of your human resource management training program in your organization.

  1. Training programs will boost your employees’ satisfaction which in turn will improve retention.
  2. With training and development programs in place you will be able to develop a learning and teaching culture in your organization. A must in these days if you wish to recruit, attract and retain the top talent.
  3. The employee training programs will not only enhance the skills of your employees, it will also improve the overall knowledge base of the entire organization.
  4. A well-designed training program will motivate employees and they will be eager to give their 100% to the job and organization.
  5. When you have trained employees they are more receptive to new tools, technologies and methods. This in turn enhances the business growth.
  6. Trained employees are also ready tackle innovation in strategies and products.
  7. There is a reduced turnover and attrition rate is also lower.

With learning and human resource development programs in place, you are creating an environment of positivity in your organization, that will attract the top talent like a moth to a flame. Other reasons to spend on employee training include –

  1. Your talent will not be poached
  2. You will be able to beat the competition in the market
  3. With the war for talent on full swing, learning and development program ensures that the human resource management training professionals have enough talent pool in hand.
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In the current volatile world of job-hopping, the learning and development of employees become an effective tool of talent management. It ensures that not only the top talent is retained in the organization, but also makes sure that the internal talent is groomed to take up challenging positions in the future.

It is quite interesting to note that how training and development programs can ensure that your less motivated employees also start being self-motivated and give their 100% to the organization.

All said and done how do you ensure that learning and development programs are introduced in your organization. Start from top going to the bottom – So start with your managers, then the teams and individual employees.

Other ways you can ensure to train your employees is to give them a freedom of choice regarding the program they will like to take-up and pursue it as per their convenience. The learning and development programs should not be imposed on any employee but at the same it should cater to each and every employee in your organization.

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