Effectiveness Of CCTV Cameras In Reducing Crimes

Although CCTVs were first developed in 1942 in Germany by Walter Bruch, it was not until 1949 that they were introduced in the market for general public use. However, at that time, they were only used for what is termed as “live viewing”. Later in the 1960s, CCTV installation in the public area commenced with a number of CCTV cameras installation took place across London’s train station. It was not until the 1970s that with the emergence of VCRs, the recording aspect got integrated. Since then, the popularity of not only the CCTV cameras but their accessories such as CCTV cable and other hardware progressed. Further on, with the developments in science and technology, there were improvements and upgrades in both technological and design aspects.

How Important Is CCTV For Businesses?

Every business owner puts his heart and sweat into forming their office space. Naturally, the importance of workplace security becomes imperative. Though there may be security personnel appointed, security can be further enhanced with surveillance video and more. In fact, CCTV and video surveillance are some of the cost-effective routes to reduce theft and other risks. With their cost-effectiveness and high reliability, CCTV has started replacing the traditional methods of security i.e. guards. Below we have mentioned two reasons why CCTVs are important for preventing crime:


By installing a CCTV, the business property becomes less prone to crimes or any type of criminal activity. For instance, a premise that is well equipped with CCTVs that are bigger in size will put off criminals from even planning to break in. It gives off the feeling as if they are being watched.


Besides theft, other possibilities of criminal activities are always there. Installing a CCTV ensures the safety of employees from either an impulse attack or any other impulsive danger. Additionally, since the employees are aware of the surveillance, they can always take the necessary steps to act in any unfortunate situation.

How important is CCTV for Homes?

These days, a home equipped with CCTV is very common since it are known to maintain the security and protection of the family. We have jotted down few reasons why CCTV installation is a good idea for homes:


Why even wait for a misfortune to happen? It has been observed that usually planned criminal activities are facilitated by blind spots around the house, hence installing a CCTV in or around a blind spot will always prove beneficial.


CCTV cameras that are chunky and big in size, if installed in obvious locations around the house can easily intimidate a robber from targeting your house. No burglar would want to risk their life around a house that is well equipped with CCTVs.


In an unfortunate event if an intruder enters the house, indoor installation of CCTV will be abrupt for the criminal and provides the people residing to have an edge and take an action accordingly. On the other hand, the burglar may switch their plan from stealing to saving their life on the sight of indoor cameras.


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