Does Timeshare Seem a Horrible Investment? Exit It Now!

Timeshare Seem a Horrible Investment

Increasing annual maintenance costs and a substantial upfront fee is the best way to define timeshares. They empty your fat bank balance!

You might have bought a timeshare, thinking you’ll enjoy a great vacation. However, the scenario is different; there is no free slot. So, what should you do? Exit your timeshare with one of the legit timeshare cancellation companies.

If you are stuck with a timeshare and plan on getting rid of it, this article is for you. Keep reading for more deets!

Is Timeshare a Horrible Investment?

Over 9.9 million households in the US own timeshares; a few are happy with their investment. Almost 85% are unhappy and willing to get out of the contract. According to stats, it is evident that timeshares are not worth your money; instead, you should invest your money in other beneficial things.

But what about those who have invested their hard-earned money in timeshares? So, the ultimate solution to this problem is canceling your timeshare without delay. Do you know how to cancel your timeshare legally?

Foolproof Ways to Eliminate Your Timeshare Contract

So, you have decided to cancel your timeshare contract; your decision is excellent. Here are the ways you can choose to eliminate your timeshare contract: –

Cancel During Grace Period

If you have recently bought your timeshare and stumbled upon this article, it is the right time to make a better decision. You have a chance to fix the mess!

According to the law, an individual can cancel a timeshare within the grace period without mentioning a solid reason and get a full refund.

Usually, the grace period is 15 days; it varies depending on the state where your timeshare is located. So, use the grace period and cancel your timeshare without hassle. Nothing is worth worrying about if the rescission is expired; you can still eliminate your timeshare using the following ways.

Rent Out Your Timeshare

Like you rent out your home, you can rent out your timeshare, and after that, you need not worry about the annual maintenance fee. For that purpose, you must find a tenant who loves traveling or visiting resorts.

Once you find a person interested in your timeshare, you can rent it to him. But there is one thing you must remember, if the tenant doesn’t pay the maintenance fee, you will have to pay it. Otherwise, your credit score may hurt, and you may not get credit.

Sell Your Timeshare

If you don’t want to rent your timeshare, consider selling it on eBay. Though you may not get a hefty amount for your timeshare, it’s not even worth $1. However, that may free you up from the increasing annual maintenance cost.

Again, the issue is that you may have to pay an annual maintenance fee if the purchaser doesn’t. So, what’s the permanent way to eliminate your timeshare contract?

Hire a Timeshare Cancellation Company

You can hire one of the legit timeshare cancellation companies to get out of your timeshare contract. Be informed that only a few companies can help you, so be careful when choosing a timeshare cancellation company.

Also, be wary of the timeshare exit scam artists out there!

Final Verdict

Many people invest in a timeshare, considering it a good investment or to spend quality vacations with their family. Unfortunately, they found no availability at their resort after purchasing a timeshare. While the upkeep costs keep rising, they have to pay it without using their timeshare.

If you are facing the same, you are not alone, and the only permanent solution to this is canceling your timeshare contract. So, hire one of the legit timeshare cancellation companies and enjoy a 100% burden-free life!


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