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Differentiating Between Natural and Synthetic Hair Wig With Pros and Cons

Have you started experiencing hair fall from your scalp and it feels frustrating? Do you have a satisfactory density of hair but not satisfied with their appearance? The quickest solution to both of these issues is a hair wig. Which are customised with different types of materials, styles, types and colour contrast? Nobody can notice whether it is real or artificial if you have a big reputation from reputed brands. While choosing a hair wig, the first confusing thing is the selection of its material. Both natural and synthetic hair options are available in the market that seems stunning and attractive. However, choosing the most feasible wig requires some prior knowledge as we are mentioning below.

Natural human hair wig


  • Highly customisable

The best thing about a human hair wig is its customizability. Just like a normal hair scalp, you can stylize the big with enormous versatility. Stylize and colour them with different shades and customise the appearance like curling and straightening frequently. They will easily modify without requiring any special assistance. Still, we recommend contacting a wig hair customisation expert for beginners. Even you can alter a long hair wig into a short body wave wig while maintaining its original look. 

  • Natural texture options

Natural hair texture differs from person to person on the basis of their genetic inheritance, climatic conditions and native locations. The renowned wig manufacturers have options of various textures throughout the world. From an online wig store, you choose options between different textures like Indian Malaysian, Brazilian or European. These wigs are available in curly, baby, straight and deep textures according to your preference. 

  • Longer life

You might be surprised to know that natural hair can last longer than synthetic hair. Even if you wear a natural human hair wig daily, it can last longer than a year. However, you need to consider some important factors while buying it from the perspective of a longer life. Before placing your order, check the quality of wig hair, its cap material and setting and total length. Apart from this all, the environmental factor also plays a crucial role in the long life of natural hair wigs. Excessively hot and polluted environment reduces life. 


  • Higher maintenance cost

If you don’t care about natural hair wigs on a regular basis, there is a huge risk of damage. 

  • Expensive

Hair harvested from humans is usually more expensive than synthetic options. 

  • Heavyweight

In a similar length and style, the figures of human hair feel much heavier than synthetic wigs.

Synthetic hair wig


  • Low maintenance cost

Synthetic material requires the least maintenance cost. They are easy to care for simply washing and drying. Moreover, synthetic hair has a good memory to retain the style for a long time. On the other hand, human hair needs frequent stylizing. 

  • Affordable

Synthetic material loose deep wave wig is much more affordable than natural hair. Synthetic hair is abundantly produced in the factories that can meet the need for large criteria of people throughout the world. 

  • Long-lasting style

Once you curl or straighten the synthetic hair wigs, they last for a longer time while retaining the style. 


  • Unnatural shine

In many synthetic wigs, you will not unnaturally shine. Especially in budget-friendly wigs, excess of shine is added that looks odd and inferior. 

  • Least customisable

Only heat-friendly wigs are suitable for stylizing in multiple looks. You cannot use a heat stylizing tool on any random synthetic material wig. Otherwise, it will burn instantly. For the convenience of the user, such wigs are already customised by the manufacturers with a stable style that lasts forever. 

  • No colour changing options

Synthetic wigs are made with a specific kind of colour shade that remains forever. Like natural human hair, you cannot change the colours manually once the currently applied colour fades away. 

If you are looking for an affordable option, synthetic hair wigs are good options. Also, they are easy to maintain. On the other hand, a natural deep bob wave wig is suitable to attain a 100% natural look. You have to to maintain it with extensive care but that’s ok because their longer life


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