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Different Materials Used For Making Hangers

Can you organize your closet without using hangers? You have to pick the right hangers to make your closet look nice. Closet is something we see every day. Keeping it organized, neat and visually appealing not only makes it easy to find clothes, but you also start your day in an upbeat mood. Moreover, there are actual benefits of using velvet hangers or any other type of hanger: 

  • Hangers save space. 
  • They prevent clothes from getting wrinkled or misshaped. 
  • You can easily find your clothes. 
  • You can easily put your clothes away. 

There are different types of materials used for making hangers including:

  • Wire hangers 
  • Plastic tubular hangers 
  • Velvet hangers 
  • Wooden hangers 

Wire Hangers 

Wire hangers are the cheapest hangers you can use to unclog a sink, unlock your car, and even make an HDTV antenna. And, they serve the obvious purpose of hanging clothes. However, wire hangers are becoming thinner and weaker over the years.

First of all, they are not wide enough. Secondly, the weight of the garment is not evenly distributed. The metal can also discolor your fabrics. In case you have to use a wire hanger, choose stronger wire hangers.

Plastic Tubular Hangers 

These hangers are better than wire hangers when it comes to clothes. You can buy plastic hangers of the same size and color. However, this sometimes seems like a waste. If you cannot use one or two of the plastic hangers, you have to replace the entire set if you don’t want a rainbow in your closet. 

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There is one more problem associated with plastic tubular hangers. The sizes and shapes of some of the plastic hangers are changed as they get wind up. The hooks of hangers become deformed and lead to an uneven appearance. This can make the closet look cluttered. You cannot hang jeans and other heavy items. The weight of these items can deform your hangers. 

Velvet Hangers 

Velvet hanger is the most popular type of hanger. This hanger comes with a chrome hook. This hook can fit your design goals. The thin plastic body of the hanger has a flocked surface. The surface of the hanger prevents clothes from slipping by providing friction.

The little indentations of the hanger easily hold on to the clothes. Velvet hangers are fairly-priced and have good reviews. However, there is a downside of using velvet hangers. You cannot put wet clothes on them. 

These hangers can discolor your wet clothing. This can also damage the textured coating. However, you will be pretty happy with your velvet hangers. These are excellent hangers for hanging shirts and other tobs. Velvet hangers keep shoulders and collars more aligned. 

Wooden Hangers 

If you want to make your closet look like a high-end one then get some solid wooden hangers. These hangers are best for adding a touch of elegance. Wooden velvets are available in different sizes and colors. So, you can match the color of the wooden hangers to the color of your closet. These are non-slip and attractive hangers. Cherry and maple are ideal for making wooden hangers.    

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