Creative Ways to Market Your Products on Amazon in 2021

Amazon’s market is as lucrative as the crowd. In order to be profitable as a seller, you need to stand out from over two million merchants. However, if you want to get buyers’ attention, you will need to sell because a lot of buyers come to Amazon Agency. The average conversion rate in the market is around 15%, which is about three to five times higher than other e-commerce sites.

The key to reaching Amazon shoppers is maximizing the visibility of your listings. There are so many products out there and buyers don’t have the time or patience to test each one. Make your products easy for buyers and you’ll be on the right track to more sales.

To improve your listing visibility, we’re going to highlight 5 ways to drive external traffic outside Amazon and internal traffic to your product in the market. Using these strategies will drive buyers directly to your list so they can take down your sales work and become customers.

1. Optimizing Your Listings using Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Search engine optimization attracts a wide range of buyers to your list. Both buyers who are already on Amazon and buyers from other websites can find your listing if you include popular keywords. With these additions, search engines – both Amazon and others – will determine if your listing is a relevant result and ranks it high.

There are some important tools that can help you identify the keywords your customers often search for.

Google’s Keyword Planner: This free tool shows the number of monthly keyword searches in the Google search engine. This tool is especially helpful because Amazon can rank entries on Google.

Scope: A keyword tool designed specifically for Amazon. You can find monthly keyword volume, ranking over time, sales estimates, and more.

When you collect your keywords, put them on your list, e.g. B. In the title and description. When search engines search for these popular keywords, they will recognize your listing as relevant to your customers’ search results and rank it higher.

2. Buying Ads for Sponsored Products:

Even with SEO, there’s no guarantee that your listing will rank high in Amazon’s search results. The marketing engine takes into account other ranking factors such as sales history, price, and more – so SEO doesn’t just necessarily result in higher rankings.

To gain more control over the visibility of your listings, Amazon sellers can pay a market price to sponsor their products and keep them high in search results.

Sellers pay only when buyers click on their ad, so Amazon advertising is guaranteed. The visibility of your offers has been enhanced so that shoppers on Amazon can easily find your product and potentially make a purchase.

3. Sharing Your Listings on Social Media Platforms:

The average typical person usually spends almost about two hours or so a day on social media platforms. Given this popularity, sharing your Amazon social media lists through your company’s accounts is a powerful way to get your product to more buyers.

Because your followers expect the value of your posts to increase, avoid creating posts on your account that are primarily advertisements for your posts. Instead, it’s best to share your post in more subtle ways that will still be useful to your followers. Here are some ideas:

  • Use social media promo code: Merchants with a professional selling account on Amazon can create a promotional link to let them know about the discounts they are offering on this listing through social media. Unlike traditional advertising, sharing a promo code adds value by helping consumers save money. Please refer to this guide for more information on how to set up this promo code.
  • Share content that includes a link to your listing: Publish an informative, helpful blog post or video with a link to your Amazon listing, e.g. As a video or list post is a great way to indirectly promote your product on social media.
  • Host competitions or giveaways: Announce on your social media accounts that the user who publishes your Amazon listing in their bio will be entered to win the prize. This award encourages users to share their listings and promote their Amazon products.

4. Partnering up With Different Influencers:

Like products in an online shop, Amazon’s listings can generate significant traffic through impact marketing. When celebrities in your industry are behind your product and linking to your list, a community message will be sent to your core buyer community that your list is worth checking out.

To promote your listing through effective marketing, first, make a list of the most important people in your industry with a large number of social media followers.

Once you’ve created the list, check out this guide on how to better reach influential people and measure results when they share your Amazon listings.

5. Maintain High Ratings for Your Products:

First impressions are important when you are in a competitive market like Amazon.

One obvious way to give consumers a positive impression of their Amazon listing is to keep them on top of the star rating. When shoppers browse their Amazon search results, a star rating for each product appears.

Here are some tips to help you maintain a high star rating for all your Amazon listings:

  • Describe your item exactly as it appears in your list: Incorrect product details and images may initially increase sales, but in the end, only your Amazon business suffers. Buyers who receive a product that is completely different from the one listed will be disappointed with the low rating.
  • Provide excellent customer service: If you do not handle customer inquiries properly, e.g. B. If you are sending something late or fail to complete the return immediately, you will annoy the buyers. Delivery of the item as expected and deal promptly. Resolve to avoid getting low product ratings.
  • Reaching out to frustrated buyers: If a user makes a bad review, contact the buyer to see if you still have room to resolve the issue. If they can fix the problem, they can modify their rating and adjust their rating to improve the overall product rating.

Reviews are an important way for shoppers to quickly rate their Amazon products. Make sure your items get high scores so buyers are interested in your offer.

Final Words

Use these 5 ways to facilitate you in advertising on Amazon, to improve the visibility of your offerings in and out of the market. Experiment with these different methods and track your results to find out which one sells the most. The more you test this tactic, the better you will get the attention of Amazon buyers and stay ahead of the competition. If you want further insight on growth marketing consultancy, you can visit We hope our article helped you.


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