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Creative Canvas Prints: The New Era Decor That Can’t be Missed

Creative Canvas Prints: The New Era Decor That Can't be Missed

One of the most asked questions that often floats around when it comes to redecorating is ‘what type of prints should I use?’. The next question that pops after this one is ‘What will be better, a photo canvas print or a paper print?’ It is not just you… this confusion is faced by all. So, of the two most popular prints in the market, which one is an ideal option to pick? The traditional one or the current one? Of course, both have their own classiness and splendor, but if you really were to pick something that’s matchless and quirky in its own way, then canvas prints are the way to go.

The reasons for this are right here:

  1. The class appeal

If you are a fan of a classic artistic frame graced on your wall, then you will definitely fall in love with the texture and finishing of photo canvas prints. You are wrong if you think a canvas print will eliminate the very essence of a traditional canvas, because the actual material of canvas promotes the coveted textured look, even in prints!

  1. Size is not the limit

When you print a photograph and then frame it, let’s be honest, you do lose out on a bit of both: the beauty of the frame as well as the whole magnificent aura of the picture. Also, the larger your photo print is, the larger the frame you will require. The good news is that with custom canvas prints, you won’t have to worry about any limitations. So, get any canvas print of your own choice, in any size, big or small, to best suit your décor space.

  1. For wanting better colors
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Did you know, museum curators actually prefer canvas prints over other types of prints? The reason behind this is digital canvas prints produce colors more accurately than all other types of prints. On top of this, canvas prints are further coated with a special solution, protecting it from dust and moisture. Also, you won’t have to worry much about cleaning a canvas prints, because this coating, which also acts as a type of anti-glare, allows you to keep the painting need and tidy, and far away from finger smudges and a lot more stuff!

Here’s an overview of the different types of canvas prints available at your disposal

When it comes to choosing a good canvas print, the following are the options available for your selection:

  1. Personalized canvas prints

As goes by the name, personalized canvas portraits are those that are crafted from your pictures. When it comes to customized canvas portraits, you have the liberty to choose any kind of image you’d like and have it printed on the size of canvas as per your choosing. Just in case you feel the image could be made better or there’s something missing in it, which you’d like to add, you can also have these images photoshopped. You can make a full-fledged collage out of it! Want to add a touch of twist and fun to your personalized collage? Then you can also add a picture of your photoshopped next to a famous personality.

  1. Single panel print

If you want to experiment with how the whole aura of an image would change on a canvas, then single panel print is the easiest way of doing so. So, when it comes to single panel prints, there are no changes made to the image and the canvas is printed just as it is.

  1. Multi-panel print
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A slightly showier method of embellishing your house walls can be done by using a multi-panel canvas print. This impressive version of art includes splitting up a contemporary image into several sections. After this, each section of the image is printed onto the canvas, all ready to grace the wall. You can get that awesome colossal effect on your wall if you carefully choose an image that can be split into pieces only to make it look larger than life. If not this, then you can also choose two different images that perfectly complement each other.

Time to make a decision…

Are you finally convinced how efficient, easy, and spectacular canvas portraits are? Hasn’t the variety of having so many combination options entice you? If not, here’s what you can do. Pick any one of your favorite pictures, get it set for a lovely canvas print, and see the results for yourself! The final product will surely entice you, and after you have it pinned on your wall, you will realize what a wonderful way canvas printing is to add that touch of elaborate, unusual decor that will leave the passersby gaping at your taste and discernment in art.

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