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Coronavirus Outbreak: Healthy Tips to Clean your Clothes during Lockdown

The novel covid-19 pandemic has infected almost 3000 plus people in the country. As per WHO medical advice it is very important to wash your hands frequently and make social distancing to help stop the spread of the virus.

According to the expert it is very important to remember all your clothes and especially towels can be a hotbed for germs. So it is very important to wash your clothes and towel regularly to curb bacteria from multiplying.

Here are top dry cleaning tips on how to wash your clothes to ensure you banish the novel coronavirus

Hot is Better: If you wash your clothes in high temperature then there is possibility to kill any signs of Covid-19.

Most of the viruses can’t survive in over 60C temperatures, so you have to opt for these setting items that are washed less often and particularly germ ridden, such as bedding, towels, tea towels, gloves, scarves, and kids cloth.

If you are going outside for buying daily essential items then make sure after that you have to remove your clothes soon and also wash immediately.

Extra Effort: You can take extra steps to reduce the chances of coronavirus during washing clothes. Extreme freezing and heat temperatures can curb bacteria from multiplying. So if you are doing laundry, you can throw washed clothes for 20 minutes into the tumble drier. 

Dry Clean: You can also use dry cleaning services to wash your clothes. It is the best option to wash your clothes quickly and effectively and reduce the chance of coronavirus. Most of the dry cleaners use very powerful detergents and sanitizing antimicrobial detergents that help to kill and stop the spread of coronavirus.

If you wish to minimize risk of coronavirus then you have to find the dry cleaning near me and laundry services provider those can pickup your clothes and return your cloth after dry cleaning

Basic precautions: Apart from above mentioned tips, we have to follow the all basic precautions that are necessary for the current pandemic. You have to ensure that before washing your clothes do not touch any surface of the home. Properly wash your clothes that could have potentially come in contact. It is very very important to wash your hands regularly with soap after washing all your clothes.

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