CompTIA Stackable Certifications – All you need to know

Do you want to be an IT expert or tech professional? CompTIA Stackable Certifications are the preferred qualifying professional designation for technical assistance and information technology operational responsibilities. Obtaining a CompTIA Stackable Certification is more than just a certification for a particular field; it is a confirmation that you have fully grasped the knowledge enclosed in training.

What are CompTIA Stackable Certifications?

Stackable certifications provide a variety of certifications that are responsible for specific job roles. It demonstrates that you have gained the necessary knowledge and experience to advance your IT career.

Pathways and levels

CompTIA Stackable Certifications follow these two CompTIA Career Pathways:

  • CompTIA Infrastructure Career Pathway

The CompTIA Infrastructure Career Pathway connects CompTIA certifications to the skills required to aid and maintain IT infrastructure. Infrastructure for those who want to concentrate on managing and administering hardware, software, servers, and networks. CompTIA Infrastructure also includes CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+, CompTIA Server+, CompTIA Linux+, and CompTIA Cloud+. Best training courses for CompTIA A+ is available here.

  • CompTIA Cybersecurity Career Pathway

The CompTIA Cybersecurity Career Pathway assists IT professionals in achieving cybersecurity competence from start to finish. Earning cybersecurity certifications demonstrates to employers that you have great skills for the job and have the expertise necessary to defend the organization from cybercrime and dangers. In this pathway, CompTIA CyberSecurity Career Pathway, CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+, CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+), and CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+) are all covered.


CompTIA Stackable Certifications are categorized by experience level within each pathway:

  • Specialist: Early-career IT professionals having 0–2 years of experience
  • Professional: Mid-level IT professionals having 2–5 years of experience
  • Expert: Established IT professionals having more than 5 years of experience
  • Infrastructure career pathway: Specialist

CIOS: CompTIA IT Operations Specialist (A+/ Network+)

Individuals who are CompTIA IT Operations Specialist (CIOS) certified monitor the workforce, assisting in smooth workflow and improving day-to-day activities. These IT operations specialists must be able to analyze business operations and recognize customer needs.

CSSS: CompTIA Systems Support Specialist (A+/ Linux+)

CompTIA Systems Support Specialist (CSSS) certification holders are systems support specialists who are in charge of entire help desk support and technical guidance. These experts are responsible for their ability to tackle a wide range of user concerns, including troubleshooting software, hardware, and networks.

  • Infrastructure career pathway: Professional

CCAP: CompTIA Cloud Admin Professional (Network+/Cloud+)

CompTIA Cloud Admin Professional (CCAP) certification holders are cloud admin professionals who can assist an organization in enhancing the business opportunities created by the cloud.

CNIP: CompTIA Network Infrastructure Professional (Network+/Server+)

CompTIA Network Infrastructure Professional (CNIP) certified network infrastructure practitioners are capable of providing complex infrastructure design creations from inception to completion.

CLNP: CompTIA Linux Network Professional (Network+/Linux+)

CompTIA Linux Network Professional (CLNP) certified individuals are Linux network professionals capable of offering hands-on assistance and monitoring important internal and user frameworks.

  • Cybersecurity career pathway: Specialist

CSIS: CompTIA Secure Infrastructure Specialist (A+/Network+/Security+)

CompTIA Secure Infrastructure Specialist (CSIS) certification holders have the necessary qualifications and capabilities to facilitate hardware and software systems. These reliable infrastructure specialists will also be capable of safeguarding an organization’s assets against possible attacks.

  • Cybersecurity career pathway: Professional

CSCP: CompTIA Secure Cloud Professional (Security+/Cloud+)

Individuals of the CompTIA Secure Cloud Professional (CSCP) certification have the competencies needed to recognize the business and technical security issues that can arise in an enterprise’s cloud data centers.

CSAP: CompTIA Security Analytics Professional (Security+/CySA+)

The CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) certification is an IT workforce certification that uses behavioral data analysis on networks and systems to protect, detect, and combat cybersecurity threats via regular security measurement.

CNVP: CompTIA Network Vulnerability Assessment Professional (Security+/PenTest+)

CompTIA Network Security Vulnerabilities Professional (CNVP) certified individuals have proficiency in scanning networks and pathways for security flaws that can be used as a blueprint for betterment.

CNSP: CompTIA Network Security Professional (Security+/PenTest+/CySA+)

CompTIA Network Security Professional (CNSP) certification holders have the abilities needed to supervise systems for dangers or intruders, as well as assess possible threats and develop action plans.

  • Cybersecurity career pathway: Expert

CSAE: CompTIA Security Analytics Expert (Security+/CySA+/CASP+)

Security analytics experts who have earned the CompTIA Security Analytics Expert (CSAE) certification have the skillset or all the competencies necessary to fully comprehend, develop, and architect cybersecurity solutions, attain regulatory consistency and produce study results for cybersecurity based on data insights.

CSIE: CompTIA Security Infrastructure Expert (Security+/CySA+/PenTest+/CASP+)

CompTIA Infrastructure Security Expert (CSIE) certification holders are responsible for effectively understanding, designing, engineer, checking, examining, maintaining, and leading information security infrastructure and cybersecurity projects to fulfill the Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) requirements of global enterprise-level organizations.


As a result, these Stackable certifications can be acquired to improve your qualifications, enhance your worth in the workplace, and possibly lead to a greater-paying job.


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