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The Complete Beginner’s Guide: How to Use Imgur

Imgur is a place where you can upload photos or images and share them with others. It allows you to make edit, comment, and create memes. You can upload pictures within a minute.

The users will cast their vote on the uploaded images. The ballots will make an effect on the popularity of the pictures or photos.

Let’s know actually what Imgur is? How to use Imgur? And gather more ideas.

What is Imgur?

Imgur is a photo hosting site. Are you thinking? What is the exact pronunciation of this word ‘Imgur’?  To know it you also can read how to pronounce Imgur within a short time.

From the history, we learn that in 2009 Alan Schaaf was founded this site. From that time, it becomes accessible to the image sharing lovers.

This site can be used on any Android phone and any desktop. It contains a mobile app where you upload images and share with any social network.

How to make an Imgur album

If you want to make an Imgur album, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in & Log out

Open your web browser and browse www.imgur.com. At first, sign in using a username and a strong password.

  1. Album tab

Go to the top place of the page where you can see an ‘Album’ button. Press on this button and then choose the ‘New Album’. Now name the New Album as you want.

  1. Make the Album

Press on the ‘Add Images’ button. Now you will go the picture gallery. From there, add your desirable images or photos.

  1. Save

After selecting and adding the image, you have to save them. After adding you will see ‘Save’ button. Click on it and save successfully.

Now, your images are staying in the Album that you have created. You can edit or delete later from here.

How to use Imgur?

Let’s learn how to share your images by using Imgur on mobile and desktop.

On mobile

  1. Upload to Imgur app. It is a dark-grey colour where “Imgur” written on the app.
  2. Open the app and ‘sign in’ into the site using the email address and a strong password.
  3. Select your favourite photo from your phone gallery. You can select multiple images.
  4. Now click on the ‘Next’ button.
  5. Go to your ‘Post Title’.
  6. Edit the selected photo or images if need.
  7. Now your photos or images are ready to post.

On Desktop

  1. Open the Imgur website
  2. Open the site and sign in using username and password
  3. Click on the green button of ‘New Post.’
  4. Press ‘Browse’ in the middle of the uploaded page.
  5. Select your single or multiple images from your PC or desktop.
  6. Upload the selected images.
  7. Add Title
  8. Edit the images if need.
  9. At last click on ‘Share to Community’ green button to post and share the images.

How does Reddit work?

The subscription as imgur.com attaches to Reddit directly. When you go to share the images on the Imgur, you should first post them on the Reddit with the corresponding name such as reddit.com. If you desire to share the photos to a subreddit, you have to mark the images with the Imgur community.

Finally, you have leant many ideas on how to use Imgur? Hopefully, today’s post will help you to share your favourite images and photos on Imgur effortlessly from now.

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