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Frozen Food Packaging

Choosing The Right Frozen Food Packaging To Keep Your Items Fresh

There is no surprise in saying that frozen vegetables and fruits have and is been experiencing a great increase in their popularity. One of the main reasons of increase in consumption of frozen food is consumers can easily identify nutritional advantages, appearance and flavor over canned version. But, what more important is its packaging. Packing frozen foods is not an easy task at all, it presents lot of challenges. These challenges can be addressed with help of a collaborative approach.

It is important to choose right packaging for frozen foods because it serves various purposes like providing protection to distributing food in right portion and even offering all necessary information about the product. Keeping all these things in mind you must always choose flexible packaging. There are different types of packaging available nowadays which one can opt as per the food item.

Frozen Food Packaging

Different type of packaging for frozen foods

Pouches:One of an excellent choices for storing frozen food items. Pouches or sometimes also known as zip-top bags are available in different sizes starting from one pint and can go to two gallons. They are just great for storing all type of frozen items and all means everything. In fact, it can be used for items like marinade chicken or soup. Pouches are not only affordable, but at the same time space saving as well. There are many companies out there in market dealing in frozen food pouches and one of them is ePac. So, you can give a try to ePac frozen food pouches.

Recyclable packaging: With introduction of recyclable packaging things has become much easy and better. Recyclable package for frozen food items proved to be really helpful as it can be used time and again. Being a sustainable option it come up with premium look as well as perform just like any traditional laminate. But, the thing that make it different is its energy curing technology which eliminates number of films actually required for producing package.

Biodegradable packaging: These days, most of the companies dealing in frozen food packaging are completely focusing on eco friendly packaging. In fact, many of them have taken the concept of packaging a step further by bringing something completely biodegradable. This kind of packaging is new in market and innovative as well. This is because consumers can dispose the package in their household dustbin and it will not cause any harm in your living environment. The main reason why its demand is increasing is its shelf stability feature and it only degrades in an environment with active landfill. Overall, if you are looking something through which you can keep your customers safe and satisfied then biodegradable packaging is best for frozen food.

What to keep in mind while choosing packaging for frozen food?

Frozen foods packaging shouldn’t be restricted to rigid methods only. The packaging should be enough to handle high heat degrees because packaged foods are reheated usually. Some of the popular choices for packing frozen foods are pillow pouch and vacuum bags.

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