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Why Choose Catholic Education?

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There are a lot of options for educating your child these days. They can attend public school, a private school, or be home-schooled. If you’re interested in a faith-based program, you must exclude public schools from your choices.

In an attempt to be more inclusive, public schools in this country have phased out religion. As faith-based people, we can admire the sentiment. Unfortunately, though, it means that the children miss out on spiritual guidance at school.

And that’s a shame as spirituality is an integral part of your child’s emotional growth. In this post, we’ll look at why choosing a Catholic education is beneficial for your child’s educational and spiritual development.

Catholic Education Distinct from Others

What sets Catholic schools apart is the way that God forms an integral part of the child’s day. Catholic school kids receive general education and a very good one at that. What’s important is that they learn to see signs of God manifesting himself in their lives.

An awareness of God instils them with a strong moral compass. Children develop a strong sense of themselves and the vital part that they play in God’s plan. The teachings of the Bible provide excellent examples and allow them to have the courage to put their learnings into practice.

With a strong spiritual foundation, they more easily cope with the stresses and temptations of modern living.

Advantages of a Catholic Education

More Individual Attention for the Children

Our public schools are doing the best that they can. But the fact is that they have limited resources. Large class sizes and overworked teachers mean that kids don’t get the individual attention they need to flourish.

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Catholic schools implement stricter disciplinary measures. Setting boundaries for children is essential. In the Catholic system, though, the children are taught to behave well because it’s the right thing to do.

It Enhances Their Sense of Civic Responsibility

One of the central tenets taught to us by Jesus Christ was that we must serve our neighbour. Children at Catholic schools are educated about their responsibility to the community early on. They experience the joy of helping and being charitable because of practical experience.

Safe Environment

Unfortunately, many of our public schools are no longer safe zones. Drugs and violence are rife. In a faith-based school, these problems aren’t as much of an issue. A strict honour code and the moral structure that the children learn to make Catholic schools safer.

Better “Non-Essential” Programs

With public schools battling rising costs and lower budgets, many of the so-called non-essential programs fall away. Programs like art, drama, music, and literature fall into this category. The children leave with a narrower view of the world. Humanities and art programs should always be considered essential.

Passionate Teachers

In many public schools, teachers become frustrated with their jobs. You can’t blame them – they don’t get the support that they need. At a smaller Catholic school, teachers have more resources at their disposal, which fires the passion for teaching.


Not all schools offer the same high levels of education. Each school has strictures in terms of how it treats the students. Public schools have to be more politically correct because they have such a broad range of students of all faiths.

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There’s nothing wrong with having a diverse student body. In reality, though, it means that public school children miss out on a vital part of their education, the spiritual aspect. In a faith-based school, children are taught to live according to a firm set of values.

Pupils benefit from better resources, smaller classes, and a clear ethical and moral path through life.

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