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Things You Must Look for When Buying A Used Dirt Bike

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Bikes are considered one of the most cherished possessions of a biker. Their love for motorbikes can differ from using a cruiser, a sports bike or a dirt bike. However, not everyone is blessed with the financial resources to purchase a new bike. Therefore, people purchase used bikes available at a price which is much cheaper than a new one. Dirt biking is a common sport in many countries across the world. 

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They build these bikes to be used off-road and resemble nothing close to a normal bike, a cruiser or a sports bike. They are built in such a way to endure the challenges that come along with off-road biking. If you are a person who is hoping to purchase a used dirt bike, there are a few things you would have to consider before doing so. This can ensure that you would not make a wrong investment by any means, and you get the full value for the money that you are spending. 

Investing in a dirt bike can be a long-term one for most bikers. Usually, people purchase used dirt bikes to master the art of driving off roads. Once they can do it, they purchase a new dirt bike that they can use. 

However, even if you are purchasing a used dirt bike, you would have to be certain about certain aspects to ensure that you are not wasting your money on something which is not worth it. So, Dirtbikeslover.com explained certain guidelines that can ensure that you make a wise investment with purchasing a used dirt bike. 

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Cosmetics or looks of the bike:

It is the first thing that you would notice on a dirt bike, its looks or appearance or cosmetics. You would want to inspect the dents, scratches and the overall look of the bike. By doing this, you would get to know if the bike already has time on it or otherwise. You would also get a fair idea of how good the bike is by looking at the framework and check for cracks or bends if any. 

Wheels of the bike:

The wheels of the bike would have to be essentially new or relatively new at the least. You would not want to invest more on the tires after you have purchased a bike. The grip that the tires give you can essentially be called the backbone of your dirt bike. A good tire would give you a good grip when you are riding the bike off roads. 

Does it run properly:

You must ride the bike to check if it is in good condition. A dirt bike that is in good condition would not have noises other than the engine. So, if you potentially recognize other sounds than the engine then you would be better to find out what it is before you purchase the bike. 

Know your seller:

Many people may consider that it is not essential to know the seller of a dirt bike. However, this is a misconception, to say the least. If you do not know the bike owner or seller you would not know how good the dirt bike is. If the person selling the dirt bike is a biker himself then the chances are good that he has taken proper care of the bike. Purchasing used bikes that are not cared for can be a big mistake as it can lead you to spend a lot of money towards bringing it to good condition.

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Check for leaks:

You must check the major oil seals in the dirt bike that you are about to purchase. Although the oil seals might not cost you a lot of money to replace it may be a potential headache you would want to avoid. Oil seals with the gearbox, clutch, engine, radiator and the suspension are things that you would have to look for. 

If there is a sign of leaks you would want to find out how long it has been leaking before you purchase it. If the leaks are old then there are chances that the biker had not taken care of the bike properly. Oil leaks can cause the parts to wear out quicker than normal and seize to work properly or efficiently. 

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Time on the bike:

Last but not least is the time that the bike has been used is something you would have to take note of. You would not want to purchase a bike that has run more than it should have been run in a stipulated period. This can deflate the performance of the bike and result in wear and tear quite quicker than you may have expected. 

If you consider these things before you purchase a used dirt bike you can be assured about making a good choice. Always remember that you may have to make quite a few changes or replace a few parts before you can use the bike that you purchase. 

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