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How to buy the best dual fuel generator

I know that you always get irritated whenever a critical power loss occurs in your locality, and you always preferred having a back-up option like a generator. The facilities that a generator brings is limitless. A generator is always appreciated in your home and RV, and it’s also essential if you prefer camping. This marvellous machine can provide you with tons of electrical power in remote areas where this isn’t available. Even in big cities, frequent power cut is a significant problem and considering the constant demand for electricity; a generator becomes very handy. Some machines can smoothly run for more than 10 hours on full load with a single refuelling.

Advantages of dual fuel generators

There are several advantages of dual fuel generators.  As the name suggests, dual fuel generators can run on two different kinds of fuels without requiring any additional hardware. In different regions of the world, the use of fuel varies, and they include kerosene, petrol, diesel, gasoline, propane, LPG and CNG. But in the US and UK, gasoline and propane are used widely to power every automotive, including generators.

It’s an Internal Combustion (IC) engine is designed in such a way that it can handle the load of both fuels. Having two diferent options is always better and thus dual fuel generators are quite useful.

An excellent generator isn’t cheap, though, and you may have to pay around $500/-. Thus, buying one for your family isn’t an easy task, and you have to consider many criteria that make a great overall performer. Today in this article, we will discuss exactly this topic. I’m going to provide you with some tips and advice so that you can choose your desired brand and model.

There are many technical things that you need to keep in mind before getting the perfect generator. And this becomes even harder when the topic is about dual fuel generators. Because now you have to balance between two fuels and choose the one that matches your expectations in terms of performance, efficiency and cost implications.

And I’m also going to provide the links to some of the best models on Amazon. Compare them and choose the one that suits you. Things to consider before buying a dual fuel generator.

Let’s bullet up everything because it will be more convenient for you to go through each point one-by-one. It will also help you to fulfil your requirements and adjust your goals effectively. So, let’s get started.

Features you should look for before buying:

  • Peak/Rated wattage: This is the number that indicates the number of watts your generator can deliver. Peak wattage refers to the power it can provide at high loads for a few minutes. And rated wattage refers to the performance it can deliver consistently for more than 12 hours.

Well, it entirely varies from person to person, and your power requirements may not match mine. It entirely depends on the power you’ll be drawing from your machine for running all your essential appliances.

But to make things a little bit easier, you should go with the peak/rated wattage of 8000/6000. Here 8000 Watts is peak load, and 6000 Watts is a stable load. Also, note that the generator must run efficiently on both the fuels.

  • Engine: Engine size is also a critical factor that measures the physical footprint of the machine. Generator engines are measured in the CC unit, and this stands for the volume of the engine cylinder in cubic centimetres. It is directly proportional to the power rating of the generator, and you’re good to go with a 400cc engine.
  • Fuel tank capacity: Everybody knows that higher tank capacity is better. But sometimes this isn’t the case. You can attach as much heavy tank as you can, but it will be hard for anyone to carry that. A generator must maintain a balance between portability and fuel capacity. Average fuel capacity is somewhere between six to eight gallons.
  • Runtime: An excellent generator must provide constant power for more extended periods. According to me, you should go for longer runtime because even standard dual fuel generators can push 6000 watts of power for more than 12 hours. And you’re still left with the option of refuelling the tank.
  • Starting mechanism: People doesn’t look for this feature often though. But in case of a power loss, it’s essential to start the generator as soon as possible. Every generator has manual recoil starters, whereas many have automated ones. These automated starters can either be controlled using remote/mobile app, or it can start itself as soon as it detects a power loss.
  • Noise level: Many keep this criterion in priority. Generator noise can be very irritating, and it is recommended to keep any generator inside a sound dampening room. Less than 75 decibels of noise is highly recommended.

You have to find the perfect balance between everything mentioned above. Everybody’s requirements are not the same; thus, you have to find out which is best for you that also comes under your budget. Best all-rounder generators for household camping purposes.

Some models in this industry stand out as the best among others. They tend to provide the best combination of performace, efficiency and power. Thus, I have made a list of the best dual fuel generators available in the market.

  1. Westinghouse WGen7500DF
  2. Champion Power Equipment 100263
  3. Ford FG7750PBE
  4. JDNA All Power America APGG10000GL
  5. Pulsar Products PG10000B16


An efficient and powerful dual fuel generator is very much necessary in every household but choosing one isn’t that much easier. Therefore, through the article, I have explained some of the critical criteria that you need to fulfil for buying the perfect dual fuel generator for yourself. Choose the best among them and always keep your appliances powered on forever.

Thanks for reading this article till the end and I hope you something useful from this. We are always there for your conveniences, so keep supporting us for more such content in the future.

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