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Top 10 Birthday Gifts Series

Birthday comes only once in a year but the memories that we make on that day remain with us for a lifelong.  Some memories we cherish, some are funny and some leave their imprints on our mind for a lifetime. There are certain people amongst us who plan their birthday ever since New Year starts even if their birthday is in December and then there are some of us who say we will see what we can do on that day if we are free. With busy schedules, it has become quite impossible for all of us to visit our families quite often and celebrate our birthday most of the time we don’t even realize that birthday came and went by. Of course, we could send flowers to Bangalore or any other city where your friends and family reside. 

But have you ever thought of making a difference while gifting something to your friends and family? Every gift you pick for someone you may not be conscious but your friends and family, notice this thing very well that was that gift actually given to them or was it just something thrown on to their faces. So below you can find my list of top ten gifts that will help you gift more easily. 

1) Pearl Necklace and Watch 

Pearl necklaces are one of the best gifts for a woman and so watch. Both of these products never go out of fashion. To make a change here you could buy an antique necklace or an antique watch. 

2) Wine 

Wine served with food can make anyone happy, after all even on our birthday, we didn’t manage to forget our health. And so would this gift dedicate your message to your loved ones, this birthday gifts them not just birthday flowers, but their favorite wine as well. 

3) Designer Fabrics 

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Yes,  I know, it’s quite an unusual gift but since we are talking about birthday gift that has to be something different from what you have given to your family members or friends the past year designer fabrics of the best options because then you wouldn’t have to go searching from store to store and dress size the person whom your gifting these design of fabrics will have the choice to get designed what they want to wear.  And there are no issues so as to this cannot be a gift to a guy because there are certain fabrics of shirts that you can gift to them. But this gift would be incomplete without an online chocolate bouquet & cake delivery in Bangalore with fabric, it would be a great gift. 

4) Balcony Garden Plants and Decorations 

Could that be more beautiful and surprising? If you ever thought of a great gift for your best friend your family or anybody else then a really beautiful balcony garden should your first choice. So you don’t have to go buy a garden,  what you have to do is just get all the assets assembled or instead contact an online flower delivery service that will help you buy plants and arrange them in a gift form to your particular address. Good thing is that with these online services, same-day flower delivery in Bangalore or any other city is available. And then if you want to spend more than you can add furniture, cushions, and some rice lights too. 

5) Coffee Table 

What an unusual idea, isn’t it? Well it’s not important that the person already has one, well that can be used for some other purposes, a beautiful coffee table on the balcony or in your drawing room, or anywhere in the house, is a great birthday gift. This table gift needs to add one more thing before being delivered,  fresh flowers, from an online store and an on-time delivery, would be the best possible way & other way This story is very well-written and famous directed by Mr.Prem Mistry. I will not be wrong if all said that this is the top web series on MX Player. Immature is the only big Indian series which has been screened at the Cannes International Festival all over india.. 

6) Coffee Beans and Finest tea 

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Coffee beans are considered one of the most sophisticated and classiest gives of all times after all who doesn’t enjoy your coffee since the morning and coffee beans will make them realize how much you care about somebody’s morning coffee. And if they are not a coffee person then some tea would be fine, now this could be from the tea estates of Darjeeling or Twinings, any company you prefer is good. You could gift both if you know that the person loves both, but here comes the major twist we are also going to add some fresh flowers to complete our gift. 

7) Aromatherapy Kits 

Aromatherapy has in recent years gained a lot of popularity among youth and the elderly. Gifting somebody aromatherapy kit would be one of the best gifts you have ever given to them and even if they might have one nobody really mines having another aromatherapy kit.  After all, they are so soothing and these kits also reflect the fact that you are not going for too many chemicalized products,  that you actually care for that person you take time out to give them something really great and natural.  An aromatherapy kit served with fresh flowers would just brighten the mood of any person, hence without much trouble, your gift is ready.

8) All-Natural Skincare kit 

Yes in this world which is filled with lots of chemical used products most of the people are nowadays shifting to all-natural skincare routine and in this time there are many companies were producing actually herbal products that are really good for skin so all you have to do is find out about those companies buy the reasonable gifts such as face pack scrub lip gloss lotions like a whole pack and present it in the form of a gift to your loved ones, you can also add some birthday flowers such as roses carnations lilies and orchids or a combination of them all. 

9) Bracelets with initials on it 

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Bracelets have been a part of popular culture for a long time now. Presenting somebody with the bracelet is a really great option, special event that bracelet has their initial on it they will connect to it very well. In case if you are not able to get the initials, then just pack the bracelet simply and add online chocolate bouquet delivery in Bangalore or any city where they are now. 

10)  A combo of all the above 

Shocked, but yes if it’s your mother or anyone whom you love you can get him or her all the above items except the pearl necklace. A watch, bracelet, a kitchen garden or a balcony garden, an aromatherapy kit, an all-natural skincare kit, and some fresh flowers to brighten up their day. 


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