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Best Social Media Aggregator Tools for 2020

As a brand or business, can you evaluate how important social media is for your business or how essential social media is to your target audience? Our today’s blog post is about the best social media aggregators which you should be using to amplify your marketing in 2020.

We all know that social media is the most popular channel of communication, promotion, and audience engagement for most of the brands & businesses globally.

But the challenge in recent times has been the performance of other marketing channels beyond social media platforms that haven’t been able to match the returns as social media.

So, here we bring you a solution to leverage the social media superpowers on other marketing channels and the best social media aggregator tools to so.

Social Media Aggregator: The Real Explanation

A Social media aggregator is a digital technology or tool per se that helps you to combine the content from different social media platforms into one feed i.e. Social Media Feed.

You can then leverage it to display your social media feed on different marketing channels like websites, Events, Outdoor advertising, In-store marketing, digital signages, emails, social ads, etc.

The social media feeds are also popular with names like Social media wall or social walls or social UGC feed. You can even leverage it to create a feed for particular social media feed like an Instagram wall or Twitter Wall or LinkedIn Feed, etc.

The social media aggregator lets you fetch content from different platforms using different elements like hashtags, mentions, handles, channels, profiles, pages, etc.

Best Social Media Aggregators For 2020

Here we present you the best 3 social media aggregators in 2020 that we have chosen based on different performance metrics along with diversity and quality of features and functionalities.


Taggbox is a UGC platform or user-generated content platform that has the best functionalities as a social media aggregator as it lets you curate and display content from vast social media platforms.

social media aggregator

The tool allows you to create an engaging and interactive social media feed that you can display on channels like website, signages, event marketing, virtual marketing, emails, outdoor advertising, etc.

You can curate content from platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Flickr, etc. The tool is highly customizable with different themes, layouts, feed colors & fonts, post styles, etc.

Besides, the tool has a content moderation features with an automation option to maintain the utmost content quality of your social media feed campaigns and restrict irrelevant content from the feed.

Along with these, you get features like real-time content updates to your feed to keep the users engaged and measure the performance of your social media feeds through insightful analytics. The best part is the tool that gives you an option to take a free trial or use it for free for every offered channel. is a popular social media aggregator curate, collate, and display social media feeds anywhere in minutes. With curator, you can aggregate content from platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

It is extremely easy to connect multiple social media accounts to the curator account. Besides, it has a tremendous feature of analysis and reporting to analyze how users interact with your social media feeds and many more valuable insights.

You can block or remove the bad content or irrelevant content with the advanced filtering option. You also get access to API for a more customized and branded theme to your feeds.

The tool has an automatic feed update time ranging from 24 hours to minimum being 5 minutes depending on your plan. Besides, you can also get unlimited page views from your social media feeds when you embed it on your website.

There are different plans and pricing available at your disposal so you can choose according to your requirements. For any issues or queries, you have active customer support.

Juicer is a simple yet multifunctional social feed aggregator that lets you collect and display social media feeds on your website. The tool is easy to use and highly interactive.

You can customize your social media feed with different theme options, design elements, colors, fonts, styles, etc. that will help you make your feed more engaging and attractive.

Besides, you can moderate the content on your feed as well for better content quality on the website. The design is responsive, fast, and reliable with easy integration on the website with minutes and saves your time.

You also get access to custom CSS for your social media feed to make it more matchable to your website. The tool has a quick customer support and integration possibilities with over 10 social media platforms. There are various plans and pricing options available and you also get advanced features based on that as well.

Like you get instant feed updates in the best plan and feed updates every 24 hours in the starting plan along with options from unlimited social media sources and views.


These are the 3 best social network aggregators out there in 2020 and you choose the one that matches perfectly with your brand objectives, goals, and requirements.

We have listed most of the possibilities of every social media aggregator but there are many more possibilities and opportunities that you can explore with each and every tool.

So, identify your social media content opportunities be it branded content or user-generated content, and leverage these ssocial media aggregator tools to drive your brand growth and success.

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