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Best Productivity Tips to Fight Procrastination

The feeling of apathy to work, the desire to sleep, which suddenly covers in the middle of the working day, the search for “important” tasks to postpone work – all these things have happened probably with everyone. These unpleasant symptoms have even been given the psychological term “procrastination”, and it applies not only to work. Procrastinators tend to put off unpleasant things for later and do only what they like. In order to forget about the habit of doing everything later and become more productive, you have to follow some instructions.

  1. Start small. If you have a sudden attack of procrastination, you should not force yourself to do responsible and difficult things, it is better to start smaller. Make a list and write down all your small tasks in it. For example, clean the table, clean your inbox, call the colleague, etc. Mark the tasks completed and be sure to praise yourself. In this way, you will confidently get to the big tasks and complete them with more enthusiasm.
  2. Ignore desires. Most of the time, when you tell yourself you can’t do something, you just don’t really want to do it. But all of us should remember, that not all things that need to be done are satisfying. Many plans require determination and willpower. Most great artists were able to succeed not because of the muse, but because they worked hard. If you really want to achieve results, then you need to suppress some of your desires.
  3. Think about the result. Focus not on the difficulties that await you during the task, but on what you will get as a result. For example, if you can’t gather your thoughts to complete an important project, think that you will receive praise from management for the results, you will be awarded a prize, and maybe even increase. When you focus on achievements, your motivation and productivity awaken.
  4. Put things in order. Before you start working on something, close websites and social networks, put the phone in silent mode, take it away from sight and do not listen to what colleagues are saying. Psychologists also advise to clean your desktop. To get your work done as effectively as possible you need to put away everything that can distract you.
  5. Define time frames. Your own willpower does not always help to do everything on time, so you need to learn to plan tasks and set deadlines for them. If you postpone a task because you find it uninteresting and can’t get to it, then set a goal to start work under any circumstances, for example, on Monday at 10:00.

Relax. If you have tried all the methods and still can’t get all your thoughts together to start working, try to relax. No need to go for coffee or check social networks, allow yourself to do absolutely nothing for 10 minutes. Do not look at the monitor, do not watch your colleagues, close your eyes and try to abstract. After a while, your brain will move to generating ideas.


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