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Best Pillow for Side Sleepers

The best pillow for side sleepers, also termed as Cervical Pillow, is thought to be the best solution to support the neck of the side sleepers during sleep. These pillows help alleviate the pain, usually caused by a mismatched pillow with the sleeping style. If you continue using an improper pillow, the pain can get worse and cause you many sleepless nights. 

To get rid of neck pain permanently, you should also know why is it necessary to find out the right pillow to ensure a perfect night sleep and stay away from pain in the neck. The most basic thing in this regard is that not all people in the world sleep in the same style. We sleep in different postures. If it is so, then why should everyone need the same pillow? It means that everybody needs pillow according to their specific posture. Generally speaking, there are four main styles of sleeping in which all human beings can be classified and side sleeping is one them. The others sleeping styles are back, stomach and combo. 

Being a side sleeper, you have certainly noticed that your head does not remain in alignment with your body level. It remains contrary to the position, it adopts when you lie on your back. For side sleepers, it is necessary to keep their neck and head high enough with the support of their pillow. Otherwise, they will be in an awkward position relative to the position of the spine. This posture will cause muscle tension and you will start feeling pain in neck.  

Thus the best sleepgram pillow for side sleepers is the one that keep the neck and head compatible to the position of the spine. There’s no other solution than to buy a proper pillow instead of finding out solutions by doubling the pillow under the head. The best suggestion is the Sleepgram Pillow that is perfectly adaptable according to your needs and sleeping posture. You will find this 3 in 1 pillow, the best option to get rid of neck pain and enjoy a perfect deep sleep. 

Unlike other pillows, the adjustment of firmness in the Sleepgram Pillow is up to you. There are three options. This means buying the Sleepgram Pillow means buying three pillows, packed in the same main pillow cover, without any addition to the price. Removing the inner pillows is easier just by opening the main case, sliding the side zipper. 

With this unique and the most worth-appreciating feature, the Sleepgram Pillow has many other attractive features. This good looking pillow is designed by using a soft and breathable 100% cotton fabric that feels good to your skin. The inner two pillows have polyester lining and it adds a silky feel to the pillow. Then there is the filling that is absolutely free of allergens, dust and mite and you get a completely secure pillow. The super quality of the microfiber filled in the pillows allows the pillow to keep its original form for long time. It is also far easier to clean this machine washable pillow.  

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