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The Best Free Soccer games for Android

The soccer games are the most popular mobile game for users who want to spend time gaming on their smartphones and tablets. So we would like to offer you what we believe the best soccer games for Android, a list of free titles that will help you spend some leisure time as a football star.

For those who like the game of football here is a choice of the most solid Android soccer games.

7 best soccer games for android

1. FIFA Soccer

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

FIFA 19 is the best football games for Android that you can play on your mobile now. It allows you to test your skills with a game mechanism that fans surely know very well. This game has superior graphics and comes with a lot of real soccer leagues, teams, and players. The game also has an amazing soundtrack that you can listen while you customize the team and bring together players. When you download the game must make sure you have at least 1.35GB of free space on the device. The app is free, but there are various things you can buy in order to advance faster in the game.

10 Free Android Football apps for soccer enthusiasts

2. Dream League Soccer 2019

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Dream League Soccer is really a complete and perfect soccer game, with outstanding graphics and very precise controls. It allows you to manage your club and improve technical and other skills of the players to try to beat the rival teams. In addition, this game also features a beautiful multiplayer mode to challenge friends locally via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The game allows you to make the challenges of the very prestigious tournaments, following four championships. The game also features a Training mode where you can improve your game skills before facing a really hard opponent.

3. Football Manager Touch 2018

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Football Manager Touch 2018 is the ultimate football simulation that allows you to live out the dream of managing your favorite real-life soccer club. In this game, you will take the steps of the coach or the president of the team, taking care of many aspects to bring it to success. You must, therefore, prepare the whole team to face every game but remember the games are played by the computer according to your instructions.

This is a perfect football management game, very similar to the corresponding PC although with several features less.

4. Top 11 2018 – Be a Good Soccer Manager

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

8.4This title is for those who want to test the above game on their device without spending a dime. Top Eleven 2015 is another football management game with real players to manage and train a team to take to the top of the league for the final victory. You can play in Cup, League and Champions League against other football clubs. An important part of the game is to be able to devote yourself to the construction of facilities and the improvement of the stadium, to try to attract as many visitors as possible. Definitely worth trying if you love football and management.

5. Real Football

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Real Football 13 is a famous game of football simulation that allows you to become a good manager of a team or compete in a championship, World, European, Head soccer unblocked etc. The realism is one of the strengths of this application, which comes with interesting graphics and fluid animations. This game has realistic graphics and over 700 animations and spectacular effects to enjoy on your smartphone or tablet device. Manage your team of champions on and off the field!

6. Score! World Goals

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

This is one of the common original and impressive soccer games for Android. It allows you to relive the most exciting games and the most goals in the history of this great sport. The game allows you to play the whole game, but just need to complete the actions of the most spectacular football history and according to the precision demonstrated you can get one, two or three stars at the end of each level.

7. Flick Kick Football Kickoff

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

In this game, you will draw the correct trajectory. You will be on a football field and able to score directly from free-kick from different angles, distances, and barriers. The graphics quality is much more arcade, but, the title is always fun and very challenging with advancing levels. Various modes and increasing difficulty will keep you busy for several hours, as you try to beat your previous personal best at all costs.

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