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The benefits of book reading || Why Is Reading Important?

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Books make people happier. Scientists made this conclusion from the University of Liverpool. Based on a survey of 4,000 people, it turned out that book reading people suffer less from depression, are more likely to cope with problems and have a higher self-esteem.

Book Reading increases vocabulary

You come across phrases that are not frequently used in everyday speech when you read works of distinct genres. If you don’t know a word, you don’t have to look for its definition in the dictionary at all. Sometimes it is possible to understand the significance of the word from the content. Reading not only helps boost your vocabulary, but also increases your literacy as a whole.

Books protect memory.

The fact was established by researchers from the American Academy of Neurology. The experiment involved 294 people about 6 years before their death. It turned out that reading is capable of more than 32% slow down the rate of memory decline as you age.

Reading boosts intelligence

Scientists from King’s College London and the University of Edinburgh have been monitoring 1890 pairs of twins for about 9 years. During the experiment, it was found that a clear dependence is traced between reading skills and the cognitive abilities of subjects. In other words, the more a person reads, the better he is developed as a person.

Reading improves sleep

If you read before going to bed systematically, the body will quickly become accustomed to it, and then reading will become a kind of signal to the body that speaks of going to bed quickly. So, not only will you enhance your sleep, but you will also feel happier in the morning.

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Reading helps you communicate with people

Through reading, not only literacy is enhanced, but also your speech skills – the ability to clearly, clearly and beautifully articulate your thoughts. After reading a few classic works, the storyteller’s talent will increase in you. You will become a more interesting conversationalist, making a particularly great impression on those people who do not read at all.

Reading reduces stress

Many individuals are primarily concerned about getting rid of stress in today’s globe. The book text’s wealth and rhythm tends to calm the psyche and release the body from stress. This frequent reading enables in particular before bedtime.

These changes are possible only when studying and familiarizing reading, when the reader is immersed in a kind of trance, left alone with his mind. Such a mental state most often occurs when a person reads something very interesting for some time. The external world disappears, and in its place come vivid images created by the imagination on the basis of reading. This means that the brain is focused only on the book and is actively developing, involving both hemispheres.

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Based on this, books are difficult to divide into “useful” and “useless”. Indeed, in themselves they are only a bunch of information, and personal growth occurs mainly due to the book reading process. Thus, in the study of fiction, the right, creative hemisphere of the brain will work and learn more actively, and the left, analytical, will be non-artistic.

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