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Why Should You Believe In Astrology & Horoscope?

Why Should You Believe

Daily horoscopes are somewhat the most common and familiar columns in any newspaper, global magazine and also over the web. These horoscope predictions connect the day to day human affairs with the celestial bodies. It is used for many reasons from future predictions to calculating birth chart compatibility and much more.

In a literal sense, Astrology develops a link or connection among the lives of the individuals on the Earth and the 12 zodiac signs and planets. In the present scenario, astrology and horoscopes are seen from two different corners. From one end, individuals term it as misleading, satanic and fraudulent, whereas, from the other side, the perspective is positive where people take it as true, genuine and promising.

Astrology & Horoscope: Belief, meaning and how it works

Science and scientists say astrology does not work. Mystic, astrologers, intellectuals and the believers believe that it does. Now, the question is who is right. The answer to which is, ‘Both! It truly depends upon the notion of the word ‘Work’.

Astrology draws the belief that the celestial bodies and the planetary arrangements have a vital role in affecting the surroundings, personality, mood and the life of the individuals and it is calculated on the basis of the birth time, date and place and the alignments of the stars during the birth of an individual.

The daily horoscopes which the individuals read in the newspapers or magazines are based upon the date of birth of the individuals and sometimes on the basis of the initials of their names. In these horoscopes, the astrologers make predictions related to future events and personal lives, describing the personality traits of an individual and give advice accordingly based upon the placement of the astronomical bodies.

Placement of the celestial bodies and their impact on human life

Astrology purports that human affairs are influenced and inflicted by the planets and the stars. All the planetary arrangements affect humans in some or other way because of the fact that each planet also represents a specific element of the human body. Thus, there are certain elements which are regarded as the effect of these stars and planets.

Sun signifies abundance, radiance, and energy, therefore it is responsible for offering success to the individuals. Saturn represents karmic representation of human lives and justice. Moon offers calmness and mental strength to people and Mars represents the desires, energy, and action of the humans. Mercury provides intelligence and wisdom to the natives which strengthen their decision-making ability and enhances the intellectual prowess.

On one side, the positive placement of Venus gives luxurious, comfortable and satisfactory life to the individuals and on the other side, Jupiter affects the relationship with the spouse and have a direct influence on the marital alliance.

Astrology has a major dependence upon the positioning of the planets and these planets usually change their placements during their transits and thus it impacts the lives of the humans. Based on the planetary arrangements in the horoscope at the time of birth, astrology predicts the upcoming events in the life of an individual.

Astrology And Horoscope Make Individuals Feel Good

There is a placebo effect for which one of the factors responsible is horoscopes and astrology predictions. It is a psychological effect where the belief in an irrational aspect makes an individual feel better and that belief results in satisfaction and improvements in mental ability. In Astrology, the placebo effect is the true mechanism which actually works and makes an individual happy by guiding them, responding to their curiosities and providing them with positive future predictions.

Astrology on the other hand also improves the lives of the natives by providing them with the remedies to their various problems and issues. There are various issues related to marriage, career, and finance in human lives which can be resolved through astrological solutions and remedies. With the remedial measures provided by the learned astrologers, the individuals can be saved from the karmic retributions too. Astrology gives new hope to people by suggesting ways to overcome the hindrances of life.

The one who believes in astrology has several factors behind it comprising social, religious as well as psychological. Individuals consider astrological predictions and remedies as helpful in order to predict their future and find the solutions to their life’s problems. Astrology is backed with a history of hundreds of thousands of years. Birth chart compatibility and horoscope reading guides the individuals, inspires them and helps them get an idea of what will happen in their future. Thus, all such factors prove the inclination of the users towards Astrology and Horoscopes.

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