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How Bangladesh dominates as the Jeans Manufacturer in Bangladesh?

jeans manufacturer in Bangladesh

How Denim produces jeans?

We know that Denim jeans made up of 100 percent pure cotton. At first, treated the cotton well. Where cotton selects from the ground, then prepared and piled up. Then open the collections into separated small tufts. The tightly packed bundles get separated and checked, then cotton moves by air sucker for carding. Then it goes into the machine and bent with wire brushes, and it becomes a card.

After that, they are refining it and forming into slivers by removing impurities, untangle, align, and accumulating the cotton threads. Then the cotton slivers twist and stretch forming a yarn from the spinning machines.

The yarn is dyed a few times using chemically blended indigo color for long-lasting. After the color gets reduced this turns coated with sizing. Now it makes the treads stronger and stiffer. Therefore the bright colored yarn gets woven into hop out large jacquard. It is called Denim.

What happens to the Denim after preparation?

jeans manufacturer in Bangladesh

The woven denim gets prepared for finishing by checking loose threads and lint. Thus inclined it under a range for distorting and shrinking. 100 thick crust of Denim loaded up and sliced with cutting device into mini structure for selective designs of jeans. A couple of blue jeans has ten different pieces. Then stitched it by the unit line of industrial sewing machines. Here the machine operates to do the job, and all the piece gets stitched into a couple of jeans.Then wash off into factory laundry agent for making jeans softer. The Denim gets fade by the hard stone wash. Where pair of jeans get pressed down at once. When all the jeans get packed according to trend, fashion, color, and size, it is sent to the warehouse.

How jeans processed from the warehouse?

jeans manufacturer in Bangladesh

Packets of jeans then sent to store from the storehouse. The outgrowth of manufacturing threats to their biodegradability. The biodegradable piece can dump into nature. While those are not must process in compliance with all relevant government regulation.Although Blue jeans made from 100 percent cotton, but some blue jeans have artificial synthetic.

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One of those types is stretchy jeans which have 3% of elastane, which makes them stretch. Copper and aluminum are used to make Rivets, and steel applied for the buttons, zips, and snaps. Whereas labels made from the cloth, leather, and plastic gets cotton embroidery. Blue jeans which were invented by Jacob w. Davis in partnership with Levi Strauss & Co.

Why Jeans Manufacturer in Bangladesh?

Manufacturing jeans in Bangladesh contribute primarily to the whole worldwide. Ninety percent of jeans are manufacturing in Bangladesh. World-famous jeans are manufacturing in Bangladesh. Our country has made different kind of jeans and dresses that are suitable for all ages. Foremost among our line of garment products here such as men’s jeans, ladies jeans, kids jeans, bell boot cut jeans, ladies fitting jeans, blue jeans.

The foreign clients are giving the order of bulk jeans for men, or wholesale blue jeans supplier are taking a large number of jeans in here. Buyers from overseas are getting better quality at a lower price from here. In Bangladesh, a lot of labor is available for less money. That’s why here we are manufacturing a large number of wholesale jeans.

Who dominates the jeans manufacturing industry now?

jeans manufacturer in Bangladesh

After China, Bangladesh is the second-largest garments exporter in the world. And the third position goes to USA market and EU market. In Bangladesh, there are around 400 jeans sewing factories and where jeans exports around to 120 counties all over the world. Annually 3.5 billion exported jeans to the USA and EU market. Two hundred fourteen million pieces of jeans annually demand from 2013 to 2014, of which 74 million went to Europe and 140 million to the USA market.

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In this age, the countries garments makers exported nearly 180 million pieces of jeans in gents, boys, and girl categories to the world market. Whereas 150 million jeans produce for the men’s and boy’s category and 30 million for women. In manufacturing jeans in Bangladesh not only challenging in cost but can also make high trendy jeans.

Bangladesh markets vision in future

jeans manufacturer in Bangladesh

Bangladesh estimated that they would make four out of five jeans items for the EU market by 2020. Nowadays, EU and USA buyers are already showing interest in source jeans from Bangladesh. Because Bangladesh is now overtaking China, Pakistan, India, and Vietnam, which exploits its good price range and quality.

How could we get the lead:

New usury both in fabrics and garments manufacturing and increased capacity are playing significant roles to establish to dominate in the US and EU markets. Manufacturers are also usury in research and development of high-end products, helping them get a better price. Investment in jeans, fabrics, and manufacturing has increased sharply. That’s why production capacity is increasing day by day in here. Id production five million meters of jeans fabric every month.

This textile is currently lead the whole world. If this is how to improve, then we are getting more from outside, and Bangladesh will one day be in no position for jeans manufacturing. The ConsulTextile managing director Abdus Salam Murshedy told renown newspaper Dhaka Tribune that “Buyers always want quality fabrics when it comes to jeans products.” And we have already made it if we are getting them wholesale.

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Challenging how can we go forward :

In spite of being a global market leader in jeans products, there are also some challenges ahead for the Bangladeshi manufactures. Similar to people from the enlarging industry, price of fabrics and getting utility services-including gas and electricity-obstructive, New investment is some of them Moving on the part. Value-Added products is another matter that needs more care and attention.

Making charge has steadily risen, but the manufacturers now pressurized to offer lesser prices. Due to which price cuts in the finished products by global retailers, said Sayeed Ahmad Chowdhury, the founder of Square Garments. Most of the jeans products formed limited essential items, the key to success in the worldwide market is innovation in design and washing, said by Mostafiz Uddin, the founder, and CEO of Bangladesh Denim Expo. He added that the challenges for Bangladesh are also adding further value to denim products through design development and innovation.

jeans manuafcturer in Bangladesh

Finally, we know that Bangladesh is far ahead in the field of jeans manufacturing. Bangladesh will come number 1 position and becomes the leading jeans manufacturer in Bangladesh in a few days. It needs more attention to these industries. Men’s and women both wear it in everywhere day by day it is going to be famous more and more. Though the price seems a significant factor, the manufacturers¬† force to offer better rates.

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