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Bandarqq games in the pkv games system of 2020

At the moment Pkv games are a game that the admin can say is now very popular to play, and within those pkv games there are 9 of the most popular games and one of them is Bandarqq. Aau is often referred to as online bookies. Is a card game that uses dominoes for each game. Where for this domino game provides many advantages in playing the most popular games today.

Pkv games or often called online bandarq is a game in which the game is a game that has long been in the country of Indonesia and is currently made online again, and of course for promotion of this game is very easy, because in Indonesia itself the game Domino games are already very popular compared to other games, if in the past the admin wanted to explain about a game that is currently very popular to be able to play, of course in this case the PKV games themselves become a game that the current admin can say is already sa Ngat popular to be played by the audience of online games,

Bandarqq itself is currently a game that relies on luck and also a very interesting strategy. For the pkv games application itself only 16Mbps and can also be said as very light games. Because in the current pkv games server . Although it has 9 games but the games on the pkv games server are very light in making the game more interesting, of course.

Tutorial to Play Bandarqq Online in pkv games

For the bandarqq game itself, it can be said as a game that relies on a very high victory in playing card game games, which at this time can be said the admin has been very popular to be able to win in the game on the best pkv games site. The tutorial is:

Card distribution

In this card distribution, each player will be distributed 2 dominoes and the domino will be a game where the player can add the two cards with 0 as the smallest number and 9 is the largest number.


In this step, each player will be given time to do the pressing, and in this process is the excitement in the game bandarqq, because the time on this pyrite is the same as the player doing puritan on a regular card, and here the player’s mentality is tested.

Result of victory

If the specified time has passed then all cards will be opened. Players will compete with the city card, where the biggest card will be the winner while the smallest card will be lost in this game.

Regulation men ja in the city

To become a dealer in this bookie game, there are rules that must be able to be allowed to be a dealer that every player is required to have a balance on the table, the minimum balance is the minimum to be a dealer. Usually 10 times the maximum bet for that table. For example, the maximum bet on the table is 10 thousand, so to become a dealer the player is required to have a maximum of 100,000 bookies on the money on the table.

Bandarqq advantages in pkv games

In this bandarqq game there are a lot of advantages that b isa can be in play. That is a very fast server, a game between players, very easy and simple and besides it’s also fun. In the future, the admin will review the complete tutorial on playing bandarqq and also besides the strategy to be able to win in the biggest and best online bandarqq game in Indonesia to date. Pkv Games are currently the main attraction in online games that are currently the most exciting to be able to play. Immediately play the best online bandarqq game only on the best pkv games site in Indonesia.

Besides that, the bonus in this bandarqq game is very big. If more and more often play will be even greater bonuses will be given. In total, the bonus is 0.5% of turnover, whether it is victory or defeat when playing, everything will be counted and will be multiplied by 0.5% and will make this game very interesting to be able to play in the most popular games to be able to played.

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