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Backpacking in Thailand – What Else You Can Get Out of It?

Thailand is the central hub for all the travellers who want to visit Southeast Asia. Most travellers coming into the region fly into Bangkok and mark it as their base for doing the backpacking Thailand circuit.

It is also considered as the most visited countries within the region.

Thailand justifies itself.

When you hear its name, your mind will think about the beauty of land, and beaches, the fascinating jungles, and fantastic food.

With its fertile jungles, famous beaches, world-class diving, mouth-watering food, friendly people and inexpensive adventures, Thiland is a highly preferred country on the planet! It’s a single country for travelling and backpacking, and you can meet a ton of other individuals there.

Thailand has a great deal to offer backpackers – regardless of your budget. You can backpack Thailand here on a constrained budget, or you can carry on with the luxurious travel life in extravagant retreats on the shoreline.

Thailand has something for everybody.

It is a well-worn destination for backpackers on the trail, and everything is easy and convenient.

Sites to See When You Are Backpacking Thailand

Visit Great Palace and Wat Pho

Thailand’s famous royal palace was built towards the end of the eighteenth century by King Rama I and is the official residence of the present ruler. However, he does not live there any longer; presently, it’s utilized for different ceremonies.

It’s a beautiful place loaded up with various temples, including Wat Pra Kaeo, which houses the fifteenth century Emerald Buddha.

Wat Pho, which is located in the close vicinity, is celebrated for two things: an enormous reclining Buddha statue, which is golden in colour and a right massage school.

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Visit the Khao Sok National Park

Positioned in the south of Thailand, Khao Sok National Park is continually evaluated as a standout amongst the best in Thailand, with adventurous trekking, limestone karsts, camping, cooling rivers, and a shimmering lake.

You’ll discover semi-challenging hikes, a lot of wildlife, walking pathways, and beautiful sunsets. Park entrance costs around 200 THB (6 USD).

Visit the Ancient Capitals

Between Bangkok and Chiang Mai are Thailand’s three oldest capitals – Lopburi, Sukhothai, and Ayutthaya. Staying in them on your way north is a one of a kind travelling experience to head from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.

You’ll get the chance to find out about old Thailand and witness rural life.

Usually, backpackers fall in love with Ayutthaya. One reason is that it is created by the meeting of three rivers: The Lopburi River, the Pa Sak River, and the Cha Phraya River. This city has amazingly beautiful temples and palaces. A suitable mode of travel within the town is cycling. And for all the food lovers, Ayutthaya is the hub of authentic Thai cuisine.

Relax on the Tropical Islands

Thailand has a milion and first tropical islands. Some are overdeveloped, while others have an individual bungalow on them.

You’ll discover everything here. Probably the best islands here are – Ko Chang, Ko Samet, Ko Tarutao, Ko Lanta, Ko Tao, Ko Jum, Ko Lipe, Phuket, the Similan Islands, Ko Phi, and Ko Samui.

Go Jungle Trekking

There are some incredible jungle trekking choices in the north when you are backpacking Thailand. Always choose a multi-day hike. The most magnificent take-off points are Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.

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Try not to book any visits early, and you can book these sorts of excursions through the lodging or inn you’re staying in close by. On the off chance that you book online early, you will pay more.

Also, you can enjoy scuba diving on Similan Island. The water is crystal clear, and the sea life is majestic. These are our two cents on backpacking Thailand. You will not regret visiting this backpacking hub of Southeast Asia.

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