Avoiding Problems with Eggshell Paint

There is a silent interior design trend sweeping the nation, whether you have noticed it or not. Eggshell paint has taken over walls, ceilings, and surfaces from the top to bottom of every home. It is the trendiest finish to have for interiors right now. While it does look great when done right, handling eggshell paint can feel like walking on eggshells if you mess it up (remember, eggshell refers to the look and feel of the paint, and has nothing to do with brittleness).

What problems can someone run into when buying eggshell paint, and how can you make sure that eggshell paint sits perfectly on the wall? Here are some of my personal tidbits on how to work with eggshell paint without any major problems that will have you kicking a paint can over in frustration.

You Want to Have the Wall Ready

When making scrambled eggs for breakfast, you would never crack the eggs straight in the hot pan and go from there (if you do, you’re crazy). No. You prep first by whisking the eggs and putting some butter or oil in the pan to give you something to cook on.

In a weird way, you need to treat walls equally (please don’t attempt to rub butter on a wall though). To give eggshell paint a fighting chance, buy an undercoat mixed to the same shade/colour you’re working with. It will help protect, which I will talk more about next, and help eggshell paint create a firmer bond, which will result in that velvety finish on the wall.

You Want to Keep Moisture Out

A mouldy corner in a room can happen quite easily. While dealing with it usually means a good clean, and checking the wall’s moisture levels aren’t too high, you never want to be in a position where moisture, mould, or damp, can show up after you’ve spent time painting a wall.

You always want to lean towards eggshell paints which are labelled as “durable” on the can. This signifies that the paint is formulated for spaces where humidity and moisture can fluctuate throughout the day. A prime example of this would be your bathroom seeing a spike in moisture after people shower in the morning. I recommend https://www.thepaintshed.com/johnstones-acrylic-eggshell-all-colours if you want a good degree of mould resistance without actually having to pay more for special mould inhibiting paint.

You Want More Than One Coat

One coat paint is never what they’re cracked up to be. One coat eggshell paint could see you scramble to fix thin patches on walls (I will stop with the egg puns now) and deal with splitting far too early. I would advise against buying any paint product advertised as a “one and done” as they’ll tend to be formulated in a way where the paint is thick without a good degree of breathability. It will let you apply it on the wall, but it will never let a brush or roller give a fully even spread.

They’re also a bit annoying for cutting in with when working the edges, so stick with eggshell paint that requires two coats on average.

You Don’t Want to Use the Wrong Brush

Apart from using a brush for cutting in, eggshell paint typically looks best when applied with a roller. While there is nothing wrong with a brush on walls, I implore you to use a roller when painting eggshell on a ceiling. Using a brush will make it all too easy to create lines and highlight where you’ve gone too light or heavy with strokes.

You Don’t Want to Use It on Trim

Skirting boards, interior doors and window frames can take eggshell paint, but it doesn’t mean they’ll look good. While large surfaces are ideal for eggshell, fittings, and frames, along with other small sections, benefit from glossier paints. If you use the same eggshell on everything in a room, it will look odd.

That pretty much covers the common mistakes to avoid when using eggshell paint. If you are getting ready to paint indoors, or are in the midst of big redecoration plans, I would recommend reading this article on 6 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Look Elegant on Budget.


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