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How to Apply for School Online? – Complete Tutorial

How to Apply for School Online? - Complete Tutorial

What should you do if you want to study in a school? Normally, you must apply for the chosen school online at first then wait for the reply of the applied school. When you receive an offer from the school, you can then prepare all the things required then study in your dream school. This may sound easy – you can do the application online and do not need to apply for the school on site. However, many students would meet difficulties during the school application and finally fail to complete the application. In this case, getting a professional tutorial on how to apply for school online is important for these applicants and this article can be a reference for you.

Step 1. Choose a School/Course that Fits You

First of all, you should choose a school or course that fits you. Remember, you should choose a school or course based on your real situation. You need to read the admission requirements carefully while finding and choosing a school or course. If the requirements of the school are too high for you to reach, please do not consider it. Of course, a school below your own level cannot be considered as well. Remember, fit is the most important.

Then, how to find schools or courses? If you want to complete the searching process more efficiently and effectively, you are strongly recommended to use a course search tool called CatEight. It has both School Finder and Course Finder function that enable you to find schools or courses with ease.

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Step 2. Prepare All the Required Documents

Once choosing a school and being aware of all its admission requirements, you should then prepare all the required documents, such as your Identity Certificate, schooling certificate, academic transcript and so on. You need to make sure that you have all the qualifications and certificates as required. If you find yourself falling short of one or two of the admission requirements, you should try your best to qualify yourself as early as possible.

Step 3. Find a Professional Online Enrollment System

The next thing you need to do is to find a professional online enrollment system so that you can submit your application case. Normally, you can choose to apply the school via the official website. But except for that, you have one more option – using CatEight. This tool not only allows you to find schools and courses but also enables you to apply for schools and students visas. Through this online enrollment system, you are able to fill in application form online, upload the required documents and gain a document list, submit your application case in different ways. With it, the online school application can be completed more easily. What’s more important, you can accomplish the whole applying process on one platform: find a school, apply for the chosen school, track the application progress and more. For those who want to apply for school online, it is really helpful.

Step 4. Submit Your Application Case

After filling in the application form, uploading the needed files and choosing the desired school, you can then submit your application case. Generally speaking, there are 2 submission methods available for you – submit the application to the institution directly or submit via agents. But if you choose to apply for the school via CatEight, you have 3 submission methods: Agent, Request Pool and Institution. Normally, applicants are suggested to submit the application via agents since they are more experienced and the success rate of the application will be much higher.

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Step 5. Wait for the Reply and Upload the Files As Required

After submitting your application case, what you can do now is just to wait for the reply. If your application is accepted, the school will inform you and send you an offer. However, it is also common that students’ school applications are refused. In this case, the school will send you an email as well and tell you the reasons. Hence, if your application is unfortunately rejected, you can read the letter or email from your applied school carefully and see if you can make some changes. If you can, just try your best to make yourself up to the requirements of the school.

Then how can you track the application progress? It is easy! You can track the submitted application through the website where you submitted the application case. For example, if you submit your school application via CatEight, then you can track the progress on this platform easily.


This is how to apply for school online. By following the steps above, you can complete the online school application effectively and effortlessly. Here, you are more recommended to complete the whole school application using CatEight since, as you can see, this comprehensive platform allows you to complete the whole process at one platform: find schools, view school info, apply for school and track the school application. It can greatly save your time in online school application.

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