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All About Air Conditioner

AC is a short form of Air Conditioner. It is a device used to eliminate heat and moisture from the resident to add additional comfort to dwellers. This device is handy in making your interior more comfortable and satisfied.

It can be used both in homes and for commercial purposes. It is also applied to make a suitable climate for animals and plants. It can be utilized in rooms where the computers and other powerful amplifiers are working to overcome the heat produced by those devices. It is among the best discoveries done in modern life to improve the lifestyle of individuals. It has several benefits, along with some side effects. In this whole article, we will discuss with you every aspect of an AC. After reading the topic, you will get all the information such as its working, its evolution, pros, and cons.


An air conditioner working is very simple and easy to understand. An air conditioner, whether it is used in a car or an apartment, the operation remains the same. An AC collects all hot air of the given region and releases the fresh and cold air in the same area. The AC removes the hot air by a fan that is usually placed outside the house situated at the terrace. The gas filling in AC is also essential to increase the efficiency of your device.

The five main components of AC that does all the work are the following:

  • Condenser
  • Compressor
  • Expansion Valve
  • Refrigerant
  • Evaporator


AC has come a long way since it was first used. From more energy-consuming and excess noise to a better one, it is improved a lot. Nowadays, ultra adequate and compatible with environment units are produced that manages your billing costs by saving electricity. The AC used now doesn’t make any sound. Even somebody sitting beneath the AC is not able to hear anything. The brief evolution of AC is given below.

  • In the 1830s, the first idea related to AC comes by a doctor of Florida. He invents an icemaker and passes the air over the ice. It cools the rooms significantly. He patents the idea but not able to find an investor
  • Willis carrier builds a device named air circulator in 1902. He also blows air over the cold coils to reduce the room temperature and humidity
  • In 1931 the first room AC was invented, and the idea of this AC is utilized in the making of modern-day AC
  • In 1950 air conditioner is started spreading. The contractors of America began to install them in every building
  • Around 1994 the freon used AC is ended because of ozone depletion and new ac gas filling is used that are environment-friendly.
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Advantages Of Using An AC

There are several advantages of installing an AC in your home, office and your cars.

  • A report says more than 9,000 Americans died due to excessive heat between 1979 and 2013. So to save your life, everyone is advised to use an air conditioner in the regions where the weather is hotter
  • It filters the air and removes all the pollutants. So it is healthy to use an AC for the folks suffering from Asthma and Allergy
  • To get better sleep, the temperature of the surrounding should be suitable. For this, you can consider an AC for your room
  • It prevents overheating of electronic devices, and due to these reasons in computer labs and other machinery operated compartments an AC was established
  • It is also great for security reasons. As if you don’t have an AC, you must open your windows and doors for ventilation, which may lead to a way for unwanted people. Also, using an AC extends the life of your furniture.

Disadvantages Of AC

Possessing so many benefits, it has some problems for you and your surroundings.

  • Sudden change in temperature leads to respiratory problems. For example, when you are sitting in an AC room and go outside in hot weather or vice versa
  • The air conditioner makes your skin dry and affects your skin and mucous membrane
  • Using an air conditioner harms your eyes and may lead to problems like blepharitis and conjunctivitis
  • AC environment in your home makes you lazier than usual
  • It increases your electricity and directs more expense.
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How To Choose A Better AC

There are several types of AC available in the market of different brands. Here are some suggestions that you must keep in your mind while going to purchase to get a better AC that fulfills all your needs.

  • Choose Tonnage according to your room size, for rooms up to 140 sq.ft. Choose 1-ton ac and for places of size up to 180 sq.ft. Choose 1.5-ton AC. And for more substantial space, buy a 2-ton AC
  • Always buy an AC from an authorized dealer and also keep in mind AC gas filling charges
  • Buy an AC, which gives a healthier air quality and must have an excellent dehumidification unit
  • Buy an AC by seeing Stars on it. More stars mean more efficient and it consumes less electricity.

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