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Alienware m15 2019 Review – Complete Guide


Dell’s Alienware laptops have always been considered on a higher level in the gaming market. For a time Alienware laptops used to be what one would call an “ideal gaming laptop” for many people. In 2019, Alienware revealed their new m15 and m17 gaming laptops which will follow the same chassis design as their monster Area 51m laptop and to be very frank the new configurations of the m15 laptop and the newly adopted design kind of look pretty promising there is one thing though that might bug some people and that is the base configuration that the m15 is available at. The m15 starts at a price tag of $1,499 for the base configuration. Well, here’s our hands-on review for the new Alienware m15.

Design and Display

Other than its specifications and performance another great thing about the Alienware m15 2019 is its design. The Alienware m15 this year has a completely different design from the last generations m15. As mentioned above the design is quite identical to Alienware’s Area 51m laptop and sincerely speaking the design of the Area 51m and now the m15 and m17 are just awesome. The body has this soft-touch finish that makes the laptop feel a lot more premium than any other laptop in the market.

At the back of the lid you can find the glowing Alienware logo in the top center and 15 which resembles 15 inches from the name “m15” written on the bottom right corner of the lid. Talking about the deck, the deck houses the keyboard, the trackpad, the power button that lights up and looks like an Alien’s head and surprisingly an intake grill for its cooling system.

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The keyboard

The keyboard is one of the best keyboards you can find. The keys go quite deep despite the m15’s design and the layout is also like it should have been. Although, there is no Number pad on m15’s keyboard which is just sad because there is quite a lot of space left on either side of the keyboard. The trackpad is pretty smooth running on windows precision drivers and the glowing Alien head power button is located on the top right corner of the deck. The intake grill is located right above the keyboard and follows a honeycomb design.  You can also apply for Software Application Developer jobs to know about this field.

The bezels on the screen are small although not that small as one would expect but if look at the bright side they are far better than last generation’s m15. The Display comes with many options you can even buy the 15.6 inches version of the laptop. With a crazy 240Hz FHD panel or an OLED 4K panel although these options might not be available for the 17 Inches variant.

Performance and Specifications

The Alienware m15 will be available in many configurations but if we talk about the base variant. The base variant should go on sale for about $1,499. But the specifications that the base variant packs are nowhere near what other laptops might offer you at $1,499. The base variant of the m15 will get you a 60Hz 15.6 inches Full HD panel, 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB of SSD storage, a 4GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 so no RTX for the base variant and surprisingly an Intel Core i5 processor. So, no RTX or i7 for the base variant.

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However, there are many other configurations available for this laptop. That you can buy according to your budget. But the most advanced configuration of this laptop should probably consist of an Intel Core i9 processor, 16 GB of RAM, 2 TB of SSD storage and a massive 8 GB Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Max-Q and also it should probably cost you more than $3,000.

At this point, nothing much can be said about the performance but looking at Alienware’s record. And the fact that the laptop is rocking a new design and most of the configurations have an RTX GPU. Our hopes for the new Alienware m15 are pretty high. The laptop also comes with Tobii eye-tracking which can be useful for professional gamers. There hasn’t been any information given about the battery for the m15 and m17 by Alienware. Which as some people might find is a little suspicious.


The Alienware m15 is just another monster for the gaming industry with an awesome design. Cool vent system, nice port selection, and placement, one of the best keyboards and Tobii eye-tracking. The advanced models of the Alienware m15 should check out most of the boxes except of course the price. The laptop is definitely a lot overpriced for the base variant. And looking at the price of the base variant there is no telling what price the more advanced variants hold. If you’re just looking for an entry-level gaming laptop there is no need of wasting $1,499 on the Alienware m15. There are plenty of other good laptops that will cost cheaper and provide better specs. But then again if money isn’t an issue for you. Then we suggest you definitely check out the more advanced variants of the Alienware m15.

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