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Air Purifiers – All that you Should Know about them

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Air purifiers have become essential for people living in cities. The air pollution has degraded the air quality exceedingly and has rendered it unfit for everyone. This is why many people have started keeping them in their homes. If you are also thinking of getting an air purifier, read the following post. It has all details on Air Purifiers that can come handy and can help you make a better purchase decision.

Types and varieties of air purifiers

HEPA Air Purifiers

HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air and it is a type of technology. This technology was made popular by its massive application in the medical clean rooms. This is one of the most effective and reliable technology even now. The air purifiers that come with HEPA technology can remove around 99.97% of all the particulate matter present in the air. This matter includes all particles, pollen, dust and allergens, etc., that are 0.03 microns and more in size.

All the other harmful indoor air particles causing diseases and their symptoms can also be removed by these air purifiers. Many prominent brands use HEPA in combination with electrostatic principles. These purifiers use an electrical charge to trap particles present in the ambient air. Thus, the air purifier can grab more particles and make the air cleaner.

So, HEPA air purifier is the best one which you can get at discounted price using Croma coupon code while you purchase online at Croma website – the electronic megastore and enjoy huge discounts as well.

Electrostatic Air Purifiers

These air purifiers are similar to HEPA air purifiers. However, they don’t have air filters. These air purifiers simply use the electrical charge for trapping the particulate matter. So, the charged particles keep on sticking to the internal filtration system. This system is present on the collection plates of the air purifiers. But, only 30% of particles are effectively removed from the ambient air in your home. The main positive thing about them is that they are low maintenance. So, they require cleaning of the collection plates for proper working.

Ozone Generators

This is yet another type of air purifiers and actually produces ozone. Not all types of ozone generators are effective. However, some models might not be appropriate for usage in homes. This is because many health experts believe that they can cause health troubles. The respiratory tract irritation and difficulties in breathing have been reported after using them.

Popular Technologies used to complement HEPA Air Purifiers:

Many different technologies are used with the HEPA air purifiers. The most popular ones are activated carbon, UV Light and ionizers, etc. Choosing the best air purifier can become tough with some many options available. Hence, we advise taking help from online experts or salespersons.

Other things that you should know:


These are the most crucial parts of the air purifiers. They capture the largest particles present in the air. Then, the air is passed on to the more efficient and sensitive HEPA filters. These filters are expensive as well. You might not know that most of the impurities are large particles. The best examples are dander and dust particle. So, they are not the microbes as mentioned in most of the commercials.

Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon increase efficiency of the air purifiers. They absorb smoke, chemicals, and odors or unpleasant gases present in the air. Activated carbon also traps the chemicals and gases that are harmful in nature. Hence, they enhance the overall working.

Ultraviolet Light

UV Light neutralizes viruses and bacteria that can develop in the air filters of the purifiers. Hence, it is also used in many air purifiers.

So, now you know all the major things about the air purifiers. Grab some exciting offers from the online stores such as the Croma coupons and buy the one that suits your requirements with discounts of upto 40%. 

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