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9 Steps for Using QuickBooks Online More Productively

9 Steps for Using QuickBooks Online More Productively

QuickBooks is one of the fastest and popular accounting software mostly used by small and medium-sized businesses for administering everyday accounting needs. Navigation is one of the vital features of using QuickBooks online efficiently. It also helps us to observe different aspects of QuickBooks accounting software and maintaining compatibility with companies.

It is crucial to learn and remember the locations of different options in the QuickBooks option so that you know where to go to do tasks like receipts and invoices. It will make it easier for you to find settings of your company and look up your client’s information.

Now let’s look at some of the steps below and learn how to navigate QuickBooks online easily.


QuickBooks Online Dashboard

After signing in to your QuickBooks online account dashboard is the very first thing that you will see in the left navigation bar. Here you can see a quick overview of your business.
Go and click on the dashboard to overview all your information. It is displayed systematically, and it is easier to understand what’s going on overall.

Understand Your Company Snapshots with Profit and Loss

Profit and Loss in QuickBooks Online

The main dashboard of QuickBooks online shows some of the essential information about a business. You can get the information related to the banks where you can see how much and what you have spent so far. It also displays the sales summary for your company.

It has a feature where you can connect your bank accounts with QuickBooks Online to use and download your bank transactions.
You can check your day to day balance and see if any of the clients have overdue by looking at overdue reports. All this is also really easy to comprehend with your profit and loss report.

Adding New Item by Using Plus Menu

Plus Icon in QuickBooks Online

You can use Plus sign to add new items. For example, you want to create a customer or want to add any transactions, sellers, invoices, and sales receipts. Under the Plus menu, you will find whatever you want to do can be quickly done.
You can save your time by automatically sending invoices and scheduling them at a particular point in time. You can also manage your bills to be paid and create estimates under this Plus menu.

Using the Gear Icon

Gear Icon in QuickBooks Online

Gear icon has many beneficial functions, such as getting info about your profile and some information about the settings of your company. You can find this gear icon on the top right, and it is the best place to manage and making variations to the Chart of Accounts.

Looking and Analyzing Reports

Reports Option in QuickBooks

You can find the Reports section on the left below Employees section. Here you can get QuickBooks reports, and you can view your reports easily.

Navigation Bar on the Left

QuickBooks have packed many good things under the navigation bar, where you can find reports for your clients’ under-invoicing section. In this report, for example, you want your customers and all sales, product, and services offered by your business and other reports to view.

The Search Bar

Search Option in QuickBooks

You can easily find your invoices and cheques by using the search bar. The search bar icon is placed next to the gear icon where you can click and search. You can also use Advanced Search for more options.

Innovative Accounting Tools

9 Steps for Using QuickBooks Online More Productively

Here you will find some of the advanced accounting tools like Audit log, Budgeting, and Reconcile.

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Creating Invoices

Well, you can follow these steps to create your first invoice easily.

  • Go to the Tab for invoices, and here you will find a blue button to create a new invoice. Click it.
  • For which customer you are creating an invoice, you will enter all the client’s information and then click on save a customer option. When creating invoices, this saved customer contact will
  • Show up in the dropdown menu and can be auto-filled when selected.
  • You can pick how much tax percentage you want to include or exclude. You can enter the details of the prices of your products and the amount of the products as well.
  • You can add more products according to your liking.
  • You can select the currency you want to use for invoicing and whether the invoice includes the total gross net area.
  • You can select how much discount you want to apply. So, it is easy to choose options according to your ease.
  • There is a Terms Box, where you can add any distinct condition like do cash on delivery option.

You can save it if it is ready to send, and if it is incomplete, you can keep in the drafts. Make sure you double-check your accounts before saving.

Hopefully, the QuickBooks online navigation steps shown above were helpful to you. These steps help you navigate QuickBooks online efficiently and enhance productivity. However, if you have any other questions, you can contact the QB Techs support team, and they will assist you further regarding your concern.

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