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8 Unexpected Random Facts That Will Fascinate You


Everybody enjoys interesting, fascinating facts that make them doubt the reality around them. Weird things that sound so odd that everybody assumes they’re fake. We have collected 7 random interesting fun stuff we could discover in any category imaginable. Read on!

Kleenex Tissues Were Initially Meant For Use In Gas Masks

As cotton shortages arose during the First World War, Kimberly-Clark created a small, smooth cotton replacement that the army was seeking to use as a gas mask cover. The war began before experts invented the formula for gas masks, and the corporation revamped it to be softer and smoother, and then instead distributed Kleenex as facial tissue.

It Is An 11-Year-Old Boy Who Accidentally Invented Popsicle

In 1905, Frank Epperson, an 11-year-old boy, left soda powder and water overnight outside with a spreader made of wood already in the cup. The mix was chilled in the cloudy night time, and the Epsicle was born.

He marketed the sweets around his community and the local amusement park and even copyrighted the formula. After a few years, he modified the name to Popsicle since that is how his kids call it their pop’s creation.

Peanuts Are Not Technically Nuts

Peanuts are legumes. Based on Merriam-Webster, one can only be considered a nut if it is ‘a hard-shelled dried seed or a fruit with a detachable skin or shell and an inner kernel.’ That ensures that pistachios, cashews, almonds, and walnuts are seeds and not nuts either.

Showers Could Be A Source Of Creativity

Showers aren’t just perfect for your sanitation — they are also helpful for your creativity. A 2012 research reported in the journal Psychological Science. Researchers posed creative challenges for participants to address, accompanied by a time of relaxation.

Throughout that time, some were given challenging tasks, while others did easier assignments that allowed their heads to roam (like when you are showering). Those performing easier things throughout the resting period were more inclined to address creativity problems.

Dolphins Have Been Equipped For Use In Wars

Dolphins are commonly regarded as sweet, intellectual creatures. What is not well recognized is that such crafty animals were widely employed by the United States and the Soviet Union throughout the war of Vietnam.

Both countries tested the animals for their echolocation skills but sometimes equipped them to locate explosives, carry tools to divers, identify missing equipment, and protect submarines, among other handy tricks.

More Than 200 People Have Been Saved From Suicide By One Man

It is a tragic fact that the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is a place where multiple suicides occur. However, Kevin Briggs, a  Patrol officer, did more to fix this issue than any other individual.  He, himself, is battling depression, has actually guided more than 200 people away during his career.

Since retirement in 2013, Briggs published a book entitled Guardian of the Golden Gate and is now going on speaking tours to promote national awareness about depression and mental disorder.

Drinking Beer Can Make You Think Clearer

While we still see alcohol as a temptation, it turns out that a glass or two a day will potentially come with a variety of benefits. Of course, you are not meant to be over-indulgent or drink excessively.

One of the random interesting facts about beer based on a study that people who have been consuming one alcoholic beverage a day in the late 70s and 80s appear to have a better cognitive capacity compared to non-drinkers.

Riding A Roller Coaster Could Help You Pass A Kidney Stone

After several individuals mentioned passing a kidney stone while taking a ride on a roller coaster in Disney World, the Michigan State University study team agreed to examine the occurrence in 2016.

They tested a kidney and discovered that there was a 64 percent of kidney stone success rate for those sitting at the end of the coaster. While 16 percent success rate to those seated in the front.


In this season of the pandemic, we can have so much time to research more interesting facts. As you read and discover new things you never thought existed, you could entertain and educate yourself at the same time.

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