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7 tips to boost your credit and borrowing capacity

Keeping your credit in good order has many advantages. People who have a good credit score are those who are likely to find it easier to borrow money for the things they want at favourable rates. They are also likely to qualify for low deposit house and land. If you are dealing with less than perfect credit, you’ll want to see if there are ways you can bring right back up.

Housing Options

Housing options can vary by place. If you are in the process of thinking about where to live, you’ll want to consider how to keep your costs under control. It might make sense to consider renting a studio instead of a one-bedroom or a smaller house instead of one with more space. This way, you can direct the funds you’re saving towards saving for a place of your own.

Create a Budget

A budget is a must for any household. All people need to be aware of how much they are spending each day, week and month. Look closely at how much money you are spending on the smallest things in life. For example, you might be spending a lot of money on a cup of coffee as you head to work. You can choose to make that cup of coffee at home instead. It will cost less and taste just as good.

Eat at Home

Eating at home has many advantages. When you eat at home, you’ll save money because you’re buying your own food. You’ll also get healthier meals based on ingredients you know are fresh. Choosing to eat at home at least two or three times a week rather than heading for the nearest takeout can start to add up and continue to contribute to your bottom line. You’ll want to bring lunch to work if you can rather than choosing something in the nearby shops.

Pay Your Bills On Time

Paying your bills on time is essential for building up your credit. Paying a single bill late can lead to a cascade of events that can ultimately pull down your credit rating. Set up auto bill pay if you can with as many bills as possible. Your rent can be paid on time by being taken from your paycheck. The same is true with other bills such as the water bill and the gas bill. When you have a long history of paying those bills on time, this will be in your favor as it indicates that you have a strong likelihood of doing so in the future.

Avoid Excess Debt

Debt is another red flag for creditors. You want to keep your debts to a minimum if you can. If you are applying for a mortgage, banks want to see that you have debt that you can manage right now. Taking on additional debt can be hard to manage. If possible, avoid large purchases such as a car before you start to apply for a mortgage. If you have less debt, this indicates you are attentive to your financial matters in your personal life.

Save Ten Percent of Every Paycheck

Savings are another way to bring up your credit score. It’s best to save at least ten percent of every single paycheck. Before your first day on the job, see what savings plans are available. In many cases, you’ll find you don’t even notice the funds. When you have a cushion of funds you can show to any lender, this indicates that you are a highly responsible person who can manage your funds in a rational and thoughtful manner.

Your Spouse

Married couples face certain challenges when they are applying for a mortgage or any other kind of loans. Each spouse should ideally share the same goals when it comes to personal financial issues. One spouse may have a better credit rating than the other person for varied reasons. Working to help shore up the other person’s credit rating can be of benefit to both parties when it comes to applying for any kind of credit. Both will benefit from having a good personal credit rating.

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