Are you feeling frustrated because you can’t access that one website you desperately need to? Or maybe you are feeling insecure because your confidential data might get exposed. At the same time, you access your bank account or email. Unfortunately, even the sites that show HTTPS encryption don’t stop your ISP (Internet Service Provider) from knowing which websites you visit. While it may look shocking, unfortunately, that’s the truth. So what to do in such situations?

These scary situations give you all the more reasons to get a VPN. You might have come across the terminology VPN but often not given it much thought, believing it’s way too high-tech for you. However, that’s far from the truth. With so much evolution in the digital world, using VPN has become common for all internet users.

VPN is an abbreviation of Virtual Private Network. Simply put, VPN is a secure and encrypted tunnel between your device and internet connection. VPN primarily secures your online information by masking your IP address and allowing you to browse the internet anonymously.

There are, undoubtedly, several VPN providers, each with different pricing and features. Furthermore, each one claims to be the best when in reality they are not. Therefore, it might leave you overwhelmed, thinking about which one to opt for? While to help you with this dilemma, it is better to compare the various offers and pick the best deal for VPNs that suits you best. Is your mind still in a conflict about whether or not to get a VPN? Then, read on below to learn compelling reasons why you must use VPN:


Do you have a habit of scrolling social media posts? At the same time, do you commute to your college or workplace via public transport? Or maybe you like to respond to work emails while you drink your coffee from a local café. Of course, access to a free wifi connection at public places sounds good since it helps you stay connected with your personal and professional networks. However, public wifi is vulnerable to cybercrimes. With VPN, you can keep your data safe from hackers or cybercriminals. In addition, VPN encrypts your data so you can hide your sensitive information from ill-intentioned internet strangers.


You might feel relaxed sitting in the comfort of your home, using the internet via your home wifi connection. You might think the possibility of illegal strangers attacking you online is minimum since you are using your home wifi. Yet, your sensitive online data is still vulnerable. It is because your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can see everything you do online. Your ISP can keep an eye on which sites you visit, how long you stay and when you visit. They can even sell your information to advertisers. However, you can escape from such snooping from your ISP with a good VPN service.


You might have heard that businesses today target their ads according to customers, right? But, do you know they can also similarly adjust their pricing? In simpler words, many businesses such as airlines and subscriptions sites set their price of the products and services differently depending on the customers’ location. Don’t get upset with the location’s partiality. Instead, use VPNs from different countries to get the best rate for your deal. Are you already aware of the subsidized rate of a specific location? Then, make sure to choose the VPN for that location and save your money.


According to statistics, 4.66 billion people use the internet worldwide. Yet, there is hardly any country in the entire world that allows its citizens open access to the internet. Governments of various countries block different websites. Some countries have harsh restrictions while others do not. Regardless, if you wish to get away from government internet censorship, investing in VPN is a perfect idea. You can choose the VPN server of another country. The VPN can send your web traffic to that country and allow you to access the censored sites.


There is no denying that today’s internet offers countless entertainment and valuable resources to its users. Yet, unfortunately, not everyone can get access to everything present on the internet. Most of the content present on the internet has become geo-restricted. Take Netflix, for example – the content present on the popular entertainment site has regional-restriction. That means some of the content available on the internet is available to users living in a specific geographical region while denied to others. Thus, VPN, through its remote servers, allows you to access geo-restricted websites.


VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is an advanced technology that allows you to make calls over your broadband internet connection. For example, if you have your loved one or best friend living abroad, you can call them using VOIP services such as WhatsApp or Viber. The good thing about this technology is it is low in cost and supports clearer voice quality. And while you can take advantage of this technology wherever there is an internet connection. Unfortunately, some countries don’t allow you to make calls using VOIP services such as UAE, China, etc. Moreover, sophisticated hackers with good internet architecture knowledge can attack your phone calls. Therefore, VPN can prove to be helpful in such cases.


Let’s face it; many internet users across the globe use torrent to download large files. Some people like to download movies or TV shows from torrent, while others prefer using torrent for legal content. No matter the reason, there is a high possibility that your ISP intentionally slows down the internet speed, also known as data throttling. Due to this throttling, it becomes extremely difficult to download files from torrents. So even if you are paying high rates for internet services, chances are your ISP is limiting your bandwidth usage. That is why use VPN services that hide your internet activities from your ISP. VPN services also let you know whether your ISP is throttling your internet speed. Moreover, VPN increases your internet speed even during congested traffic.


According to stats by DataProt, approximately 31% of online users have accessed VPN services to date. In addition, the stats show VPN services are no more alien to internet users today. More and more people are becoming aware of it. Put simply, getting a VPN is no longer a good thing to have. Instead, it has become a much-needed necessity for many individuals and companies. However, deciding which one to go for depends on your needs and budget.


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