7 Home Organizing Projects to Try

Do you feel that the more time you spend at home, the more you want to start redecorating, redesigning, and reorganizing? You’re not the only one.

More and more people use their home as an office, a classroom, and an all-day restaurant. So it’s understandable you want to improve your spaces!

If you’re spending lots of extra time at home and need to get organized, keep reading. We’ve got some fab tips to make your home the well-organized space you’ve always dreamed of.

Here are seven organizing projects to work on while you’re at home.

Refrigerator and Freezer

The more you’re home, the more you probably cook. So now is the time to reorganize your fridge and freezer.

Start by clearing off every shelf and tossing anything that’s old or expired.

Next, wipe down all the interior surfaces, so you’ve got a clean, blank slate.

When you start putting items back in, organize like items together. For example, put all beverages on the same shelf. Put all fruits and veggies in the same area. Keep all condiments stored on the same door.

Double Up on Storage Space

Use clear containers with lids so you can stack them two or three bins high. This will maximize vertical space and make it easy to see what’s inside each container.

Don’t want to fill your fridge with plastic bins? Add a riser to turn a tall shelf into two shorter shelves. With this method, you can store water bottles on their side or have extra layers of storage to hold meat and fish.

It’s also ideal to designate a specific bin or drawer for leftovers or items about to expire. When it comes time to cook your next meal, try to eat what’s in that bin first, so you don’t have to waste food.

Kitchen Cabinets

Except for your bedroom closet, your kitchen probably holds more individual items than any room. And when those items aren’t organized, finding what you need can be a nightmare.

There are steps to decluttering your kitchen cabinets. Take everything out. Pull aside anything that you no longer need or want. Donate items that someone else could use. Or take photos and sell your unwanted gadgets online to make a few extra bucks.

When it comes time to fill your cabinets with the things you intend to keep, keep similar items together. Keep all your glasses together. Place all your mugs in the same cabinet. Stack all your dishes in one area.

To make them easier to find, place the items you use most often at eye level.

If you have any willpower left when you’re done, move on to your kitchen drawers!

Bedroom Closet

Depending on how much of a clotheshorse you are, organizing a bedroom closet may take a few hours or a few days.

Don’t get overwhelmed; just start attacking it shelf by shelf or section by section until it’s all done!

As with all organization projects, the first step is to declutter and get rid of anything you no longer need. If you haven’t worn it in years or if it no longer fits you, it’s time to get rid of it. Donate or sell what you don’t need — the less that has to go back inside, the easier it will be to organize.

To maximize space and make your closet look more uniform, invest in a matching set of slim hangers. Invest in storage bins or shelves to organize shoes, sweaters, and accessories.

Laundry Room

The excellent thing about organizing a laundry room is that it’s probably one of the smaller rooms if you have one. You can organize it from top to bottom, and it won’t take an entire weekend or even a whole afternoon.

If you have wall space above or around your washer/dryer, mount some shelves. You can fill those shelves with storage bins to hold detergent, fabric softener, or freshly laundered items.

A folding station is an ideal addition to a laundry room. When you have a clean, flat surface to work on, you can fold and stack items as soon as they come out of the dryer. It’s even better if you can add an ironing board and iron to the room.

If you’re short on space, look for one that you can mount on the wall.

Junk Drawer

We all have a kitchen junk drawer full of random things. It’s not exactly a fun organizing project, but it’s a quick one that should only take a half hour or so to do.

As always, start by decluttering and getting rid of anything that doesn’t belong. Before you put items back inside, insert a utensil tray. Those little compartments and dividers are a great way to organize miscellaneous items.

Kids’ Toys

If you’re a parent, your kids’ toys are probably scattered about. Take an hour or two with your kids to clean and organize their mess together.

Start by pulling aside any toys that they’ve outgrown or don’t play use. Donate them to those in need, and your little one can learn a valuable lesson at the same time.

Depending on how much space you can designate to toys, use storage bins for different items. Place all LEGOs in one box, all stuffed animals in another, and store all arts and crafts together. Make sure your kids know, and like, the new system, otherwise, it probably won’t stay organized for long.

Digital Files

Organizing isn’t just for physical items. It’s time to organize your digital life as well!

Clean out your phone by deleting apps you don’t need, music you don’t listen to, or contacts you’ll never contact again.

Clean up your inbox by deleting old emails and creating folders to save important ones.

Clean up your desktop. Create folders to organize your digital files in groups. When finished, choose a fun new screensaver or background pic, and it will feel like you’ve got a brand new computer.


Organizing isn’t always fun, but it is essential. A clean, neat house free of clutter can make you feel better, help you to focus more, and even make you more productive.

And if your home is the place where you work, teach, eat, relax, and sleep, organizing will make your days much easier to enjoy.

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