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7 Best Examples of Sustainable Packaging in 2019

Sustainability refers to meet the needs of the present time without conceding with the needs of future generations. A sustainable packaging refers to the designing of a package, which does not harm the environment and the surroundings.

The world is facing a major catastrophe of global warming because of several reasons. One of the reasons that aid into the increase of temperatures all around the world, rise in the levels of seas, fires in the Amazon and several others is the use of excess materials of packages that are not degradable. Therefore, the use of eco-friendly boxes that can sustain the environment must be promoted.

There are almost five characteristics, which describe a packaging to be sustainable, and they are as follows:

  • It is not just beneficial but is safe and healthy too.
  • Competitive prices and performance.
  • Energy efficient designs and optimal materials.
  • Closed-loop designs, which are either recyclable, reusable or biodegradable.
  • The process of the manufacturing these cases and packaging is clean and the materials used are healthy.

1. Reusable


One of the best examples of sustainable packaging to use in 2019 is the one that is reusable. There are many types of materials that can be reused and can serve the purpose of their existence for long periods. Many leading companies all around the world use and offer packaging that can be reused repeatedly. These leading brands offer packaging which goes back to the owners of the businesses because of the return after use policy. This ensures that the brands who offer this packaging can use it again.

2.    Plant-Based

There are many manufacturers for the leading brands of cola and furniture, which uses the plant, based packaging options. These plant-based cases include the ones that are made out of pineapple and cork. The cork is used to manufacture the boxes of shoes and the pineapple is used to manufacture the cases for leather goods in most parts of the world. The same logic can be used and can be applied to the eco-friendly packaging of all other products too. Moreover, the plant-based casing options outperform the ones that are made out of plastics when compared to the life cycles.

Many food retailers think that this way of packaging will decrease the shelf life of the boxes. However, these cases are also offered in several design options to increase the outlook and shelf life. Mushroom based and the potato-based packaging is other examples of these plant-based cases.

3.    Edible Packaging

One of the most innovative styles of packaging is edible cases and wrappers. This closes the loop of waste materials, which enhance the pollution on the planet, which is already destroying the beauty of the earth. The main idea behind this style of wrapping the food is to eat the wrapper along with the food. Some of the known examples of this idea are the seaweed containers, which are an excellent alternative to the bottles that are made out of plastic. After consuming the water, you can either eat the pouch or throw it away which will decompose naturally within five weeks.

4.    Plant able Packaging

Another example of sustainable packaging is the use of wrappers or boxes that can be planted in the soil. The Eco-Friendly Boxes Wholesale offered by PakBoxes brings no harm to the environment as the discarding of the cases in the soil only results in the birth of a new plant. This packaging has seeds in them, which transforms into the plants.

5.    Biodegradable Plastics

The main reason for the existence and manufacturing of these plastics is that these decay in no time and are good for the environment. The use of guilt-free substitutes in the manufacturing of these cases enabled the manufacturers to create a kind of plastic that does not have a long span of life like the conventional plastics did.

6. Compact

A compact packaging, which fits in the product, is always beneficial for the environment. This packaging style ensures that the product packed inside has no free space and therefore, it reduces the material that is used. The reduced material results in lesser energy spent on the manufacturing process. Other than the compact design, using less printing or the degradable inks while printing process can aid up to the sustainability for the environment.

This casing style has one more benefit; it allows the shipping process to be more efficient by using less fuel as more number of packages can be loaded onto the shipping vehicle. It is because of the reduced weight of the packaging.

7. Recycled Packaging

Tapping into the streams of waste in order to find the resources, which can be used to make new packages, can aid up in the business of Eco-Friendly Boxes Wholesale. It can help the process of cleaning the environment along with the reduced cost of material in the process of manufacturing. Moreover, the cases made out of these materials can be used repeatedly by shredding them in order to make customized packages again.

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