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6 Hobbies To Try Out In Lockdown

How many times in the last few weeks have you found yourself watching another series only to get the dreaded “ARE YOU STILL WATCHING THIS?” pop-up on screen?

While it is great to be able to finally binge those boxsets you’ve had in the queue for the longest time, you don’t want to find yourself getting in a slump and struggling to stave off boredom; especially if you find yourself on the phone all the time now.

This weird and unique time should be seen as an opportunity to try new things out and see if you can pick up a new hobby in the process. Don’t know where to start? Here are 6 hobbies to try out in lockdown.


Let’s start with what can only be described as a passive yet all-consuming activity. Now is the time to finally figure out how people can make those little swans and all sorts of shapes. I’m listing it first because it’s the only hobby where all you need is paper and a screen.

There are dozens of free guides and tutorials on YouTube that can help you become an origami expert in no time at all. Before you know it, you’ll have paper animals and shapes expertly made on the table.

Pizza Master

Everyone has their personal preference on what they want on a pizza. And no matter where you fall on the “pineapple is a respectable topping” argument, if you’re missing your favorite pizza from the local pizzeria, carve out some time in the evenings to play about with making your own pizza.

There’s been a humongous increase in people baking and cooking at home, so much so that many grocery stores are in the midst of a flour shortage. Join in with the thousands of people learning to make pizza dough at home. It’s a simple activity that you will mess up on the first few attempts, but as you learn how to use yeast and play about with your oven, you’ll soon be able to make pizza the way you like it at home.

Get it right, and you may need to delete the Dominos app from your phone (we all have it downloaded!).

Aprender Un Nuevo Lenguaje (That’s Spanish For “Learn A New Language”)

Remember how I said spending too much time on your phone is a bad thing? Well, it can be useful if you’re using it as a resource. Carve out 15 minutes in your day and use apps like Duolingo and Rosetta Stone to learn a new language.

Even if you struggle with language classes back in school, language apps turn the learning into more of a game, and you’ll find yourself passively picking up on new terms in no time at all.

A Push-Up Alarm!

My final tip is less a hobby and more a subtle lifestyle change. With gyms closed for so many of us, adapting to exercise at home can be challenging. But just like learning with an app, if you can make a game out of an exercise, you’ll get in the habit of actively wanting to do it.

The best example of this comes from handing your phone over to someone and asking them to set an alarm for you; one that goes off at a random time every day. Whenever that alarm goes off, you stop what you’re doing and do one exercise like push-ups.

The more you do every day, the better you’ll feel over time.


Are stick figures as good as your drawing skills go? It’s a hobby with a steep learning curve but getting to grips with drawing is the perfect stress-busting activity.

It’s recommended that if you’re a terrible drawer and want to improve, you should start with everyday objects around the house (although drawing the TV is cheating). If you find that too hard, draw shapes over and over, and you’ll soon find yourself figuring out how to draw to scale.

And speaking of doing things to scale….

Model Making

Idle hands during lockdown are never good. For anyone who wants to improve their concentration and learn a little finesse as well, model making could be the ticket. The likes of scale replica model ships and model trains are much more involved than sitting at a table to do a jigsaw.

Many models you can buy nowadays are incredibly detailed and require deft hands to make a model look perfect. You can find models for just about anything, especially classic vehicles from your favorite movies, so have a look online and see what you can get delivered to your door.

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