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5 Top Tips To Find a Job With a Disability

Finding a job in the best of circumstances can sometimes be a difficult task. If you have a disability and you want to find a job, it might feel like you have your back against the wall because of the extra challenges you face. In reality, it’s way more possible than what some people might think.

In Australia, many employers are willing to give people with a disability a go, and there are numerous job options that people with disabilities are perfectly capable of doing, and doing well. Let’s take a look at some top tips for getting a job when you have a disability.

Focus On What’s Possible, Not the Negatives

In other words, focus on what you are capable of doing rather than what you can’t do (or think you can’t do). Remain upbeat and positive and realise that there are opportunities out there. Everyone has a brain and skills and something positive to offer an employer and a job role.

Putting energy into focusing on the negatives will gain you nothing other than to feel bad and think there’s little chance of ever getting a job. Negative thinking doesn’t serve anyone, regardless of what it is you’re hoping to achieve.

Search Out Companies Renowned For Hiring People With Disabilities

In Australia, certain businesses and companies have made it a point to focus on employing minority groups and people with disabilities. Either do a search online for companies that are known for this, or enquire in places like disability support groups to discover where the best places might be to ask for a job.

When you’ve narrowed down some places to approach, take the time to study their business and draft a cover letter that tells them why you would like to work for them, that you have a disability and what value you feel you can offer their business.

Find Support Groups In Your Area

If you live in a major metropolitan region of Australia, chances are there may be a support group in your local area, where people with disabilities can get together and discuss all sorts of things, such as the challenges faced when searching for a job.

Group members can offer each other moral support and advice, and you may be able to get some insight into how and where to find a job.

If there isn’t a group that meets in your area, there are disability support groups online that you can join and participate in discussions and ask questions. Being involved with other like-minded people gives you more confidence and you won’t feel like you’re going it alone.

Consider Doing a Course Or Further Study

In order to give yourself every advantage when it comes to the job hunt, you might want to consider signing up for courses in your areas of interest or undertaking further official study. The more knowledge and skills you acquire, the better chance you have of successfully landing that job you want, disability or not.

Knowing that you have skills and certificates you can present at job interviews will fill you with confidence when going before an employer and stating why they should hire you over the other candidates who have applied.

Seek Out Professional Assistance

There is help out there for disabled people when it comes to disability employment services and support.

Through networks such as your local Jobactive providers, you can take advantage of various government-funded initiatives that are solely designed to assist people with disabilities to get a job.

DES and NDIS are two such schemes. Both are formulated to help disabled individuals get the assistance they need to find, and keep a job.

You can read about these schemes in detail on various government websites, or you could get in touch with a local Jobactive provider for further information regarding what’s involved and how they can help you achieve your employment goals.

The help you need could be as close as a phone call away.

The Takeaway

If you’ve been struggling to land a job, don’t despair. There is help out there. Just reach out and network, and take advantage of any assistance programs being offered. You don’t have to travel this journey alone.

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